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Part 29 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud If you are having trouble managing it all... And by all, I mean the things that you want to do and the things that must get done, then this podcast is just what you need. We are already half way through... Read more →

Part 28 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud Dear Kate, As I write this note to you, the surprise and shock of your recent passing is equal to the sadness I myself, and the world, felt upon learning of your decision. Hearing the news brought back memories of early... Read more →

Part 26 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud What if I told you there is a new book that offers you a "Step-By-Step guide to harnessing the power of your words to change your mind, your choices, and your life" in a way that is DOABLE? If this speaks... Read more →

Part 24 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud It's that time again when time flies by, to-do lists grow longer, and the holiday rush can make us spin. Don't let this be the way you spend your holiday season this year. This Here We Are Loving Yourself podcast helps... Read more →

Part 23 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud If you are tired of picking up that mounting stack of papers, putting away the same pair of sneakers, or feeling like you just vacuumed and now you have to do it again, then you need to hear my grandmother's tips... Read more →

Hello! Happy February!! It's the time of year when hearts and flowers are everywhere you look... It is also a great time to Like Yourself. Hopefully, you already do, but make February the month to question how much, how little, what needs improvement, and how comfortable you are with "you." We all know about... Read more →

You've probably been seeing a lot of articles, discussions, and quotes, about setting goals in the upcoming new year. That is great, and goals are very important to achieving anything... BUT, allow me to suggest an intermediate step before you set your goals. Take some time, and by this I mean, MAKE some time... Read more →

Hello! It's Tuesday again… Hope you had a great week and did indeed, Kiss Someone. Today's #TwoWordTuesday is Value Resources. More than in other years, it seems this fall season has offered an amazing rainbow of foliage. Nondescript trees have come alive with individuality through the burning oranges, dazzling reds, and shimmering yellows of... Read more →

Part 20 of the Here We Are Series: Live Your Life Out Loud Click here to listen to this important podcast, Loving Yourself: What It Means, Why You Need To, and How To Start Today, Part 1 Or use this embedded player to listen from this page on your computer or phone. This podcast,... Read more →

Part 17 of the Here We Are Series - Live Your Life Out Loud Realize that only in being kind to yourself can you really be kind to others. ~ Dorothy Draper, Interior Decorator, Trendsetter 💝💝💝 I invite all the HWA readers and listeners to join me in living Dorothy's approach to self-kindness each... Read more →

Part 11 of the HWA Series: Live Your Life Out Loud Several summers ago, I was in a book store with a friend. At the check out counter, there stood a ring tree adorned with large, costume, cocktail rings...Or, as I call them, Baubles. They were shiny, sparkly, colorful, and very eye-catching. Besides thinking... Read more →

Part 9 of the HWA Series, Live Your Life Out Loud Every day is an opportunity to learn life lessons from each other. After watching the news reports about the life and passing of Geraldine Ferraro, a pattern of strength and determination emerged. Regardless of one's political position, as women, we can all learn... Read more →

Part 4 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud How many times a week do you hear yourself telling someone, "I'll try to ____?" If you aren't saying it, you're probably making a mental note of it. Each time you entertain the insidious phrase, "I'll try," you apply extra pressure... Read more →

Part 3 of the Here We Are series - Live Your Life Out Loud CLICK HERE to listen to the HWA radio show, "The Should Show: Give Your Shoulders A Rest." Does the word "should" cause you guilt or pressure? This word can put invisible weight upon our shoulders. Beyond basic communications, the words... Read more →

TIME: Don't forget to set your clocks AHEAD an hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. It's Daylight Savings Time again, and it begins on Sunday, March 14, at 2:00am in the continental United States. For the international Here We Are readers, check the DS Times Around the World - BTW, thanks... Read more →

Kathy Ireland's latest book, Real Solutions For Busy Moms, Your Guide to Success and Sanity, offers readers a well-designed, practical plan on topics that range from money matters to household safety. NOTE: A new copy, signed by Kathy, is the May Gift Giveaway for a Here We Are reader who comments on any entry... Read more →

As the year winds down, reflection starts to set in. We ponder what might have been done differently, the boundaries we set or not, and the plans we want to implement in the New Year. I offer up a tiny tool with big impact to aid you from adding more to your daily routine.... Read more →