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When Kelli Parisian, owner of Parisian's Pure Indulgence, asked me to do a video demonstration of her fabulous Sugared Butter Whip Exfoliating Body Polish, I said, "YES!" I love this product, and if you are regular reader of Here We Are, you know that I've shared my appreciation for its effectiveness in Sugared Butter... Read more →

A bathroom basket full of useful essentials is a simple, but very thoughtful, way to keep your event guests happy during your wedding reception, anniversary party, surprise bash, or any other celebration you have planned. A stocked basket of emergency and personal toiletry products - placed in both the men's and women's rooms -... Read more →

Whether you are shopping for the holidays, birthdays, host and hostess gifts, or that person on your list that has everything, you can find interesting and creative twists on items that turn the regular into UncommonGoods! Rarely have I perused a catalogue or website that offered as complete a selection of unique and fun... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, Luci demonstrates how to use silicone covers and why you should… They are terrific! These bowl toppers are perfect to preserve food or prevent frying and microwave splatter. When you watch this product review, you will see just how handy, strong, and eco-friendly these new kitchen lids can... Read more →

If you read the recent Announcements, Updates, and Reminders article, Sweet Summertime, then you know that I am launching a video series called One By One. While this particular product review video is not officially a One By One, I'm sharing it now since these ELF Lotion Wipes - although terrific all year long... Read more →

Product Review by Here We Are At first touch, Parisian's Pure Indulgence Sugared Butter Whip Hand & Body Polish Hand and Body Polish is so light and frothy, you'll doubt it is actually an exfoliating "scrub." But don't be fooled... This all natural, sugar-based product is a sweet treat for the hands, elbows, knees,... Read more →

A Product Review by Here We Are Product UPDATE: This product has been discontinued by Maybelline. SAD, but true! It is still available online: Buy it here while you still can!! In the meantime, I am currently testing a few other options and will let you know my results in an upcoming HWA product... Read more →

A Product Review by Here We Are Looking for smoother, clearer, calmer skin? Then Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask developed by Dr. Murad may be an item to add to your beauty regimen. Long known for its health and beauty benefits, pomegranate fruit extract once again delivers in this easy-to-use, sweet scented, facial treat. [2016 Update:... Read more →

A Product Review by Here We Are 2015 UPDATE: The company is no longer selling this product under the "Razor Sharp" name (as pictured). They have introduced a line called Naked Skin Ultra Defininition Loose Finishing Powder. I have not tested the newly named item BUT it appears to be similar, I will update... Read more →

A Product Review By Here We Are Here's the buzz on the Burt's Bees natural skin care Shave Cream & Aftershave "For Men"... It's the best kept secret from women in the Burt's Bees product line! If you have seen the shave cream and aftershave lotion but haven't tried it due to the company's... Read more →

A Product Review by Here We Are Skin is in... No matter your age, you want your skin to appear supple and smooth. The summer sun, chlorine, sunscreen products, and heat, make keeping your skin hydrated a daily challenge. Burt's Bees After Sun Soother may be the answer. This Aloe and Linden Flower moisturizer... Read more →

A Product Review & HOW-TO by Here We Are Is it possible to put on lipstick once in the morning and have it still look freshly applied that night? Almost! Maybelline's SuperStay 24 Color lip-stain does a very good job of staying in place throughout your busy day with just a bit of upkeep... Read more →

A Product Review by Here We Are Some products are so good, there isn't much to say except, skip the others and try Method's Daily Granite + Stone cleaner. If you've selected natural stone for your home, it makes sense that you'd want to clean it with as natural a product as you can... Read more →

A Post by Here We Are Teen Contributor, Emilie LoGiudice The time for giving gifts is here again. As the holidays quickly approach, many questions arise about presents, especially for teenagers. Every year, styles, colors, and interests change. What's IN one year might be OUT the next, making it hard to buy the teenager... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips A Product/Customer Service Review by Here We Are NOTE: This item has been discontinued as of 2011. Allow me to introduce you to the happiest bag on the planet... or at least that's how you'll feel whenever and wherever you carry it. Meet the VivaTerra "Yes" bag.... Read more →

A HWA Product Review NOTE: Sadly, Williams-Sonoma has discontinued carrying this terrific product. See the link below for an equivalent product that I am now using with the same results. ~ Luci What can you buy at Williams-Sonoma that fits in your purse, makes you smell fresh, feel clean, and only costs about $3.00?... Read more →

The next two weeks are the busiest "in person" shopping weeks of the year. Converging upon the brick and mortar stores are last minute shoppers, bargain hunters, and the days-after-Xmas-buying-for-me spenders. The hustle and bustle both before and after the holidays brings out many a shopping reveler. Sadly, it also brings out the bad... Read more →

2017 Update: I've added a One By One video extending the use of this rice cooker beyond couscous, oatmeal, and brown rice to eggs... Yes, eggs! For my tips on cooking these dry goods, and the eggs, check out How To Make Hard Cooked Eggs In A Rice Cooker Using The Steamer Basket. Original... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips UPDATE 2018: Unfortunately, Blue Moon candles are not currently available. If this changes, I will update this article with fresh links. The "think green" movement is upon us. Everywhere you turn new ways, products, and solutions are sprouting up to make your life greener. At Here We... Read more →

Tired of standing in the children’s section of a bookstore or surfing websites swamped by so many choices? As you look around, colorful covers of cute characters look back at you. Which one to pick? Maybe Emma or John already has it? Hmmm…perhaps a hat and gloves set will do fine instead. Wait weary... Read more →

Here we go again, rushing around trying to please everyone while we burn up lots of energy and money on things we don't need or we could buy for ourselves. Each year, I ask my family, "What is the point of this?" The response, accompanied by the "evil eye" and a tight lip is,... Read more →

Are you pulling out flatware, platters or candlesticks for your holiday entertaining only to find them tarnished and dull? The last thing anyone wants to do is polish silver before cleaning the house, shopping, throwing a party, or cooking a multi-course dinner. Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths gives you back your shine without using... Read more →