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After the recent article, Become The Light, I began thinking about what it actually means in terms of actions we can each take to become the light that will change the world (that article was sadly prompted by yet ANOTHER evil tragedy [that took place in Las Vegas]). While there are broad, complex issues... Read more →

The Here We Are Talk Show presents an interview with Susan Ragazzo, Animal Intuitive and Animal Transition Counselor. In this detailed discussion, Susan expands upon her recent HWA guest post, Animal Communication, to explain what this increasingly popular communication method is all about... If you have ever wished that you could talk to your... Read more →

A Guest Post by Susan Ragazzo, Animal Intuitive / Animal Transition Counselor Update 2018: Unfortunately, Susan Ragazzo is not currently offering these services. When you hear the term "animal communicator" it may conjure up the film image of Eddie Murphy, as Dr. Doolittle, talking to the animals. Has the idea ever left you wondering,... Read more →

Last month, on May 1, I launched the A Friend A Day In May Challenge, urging you to join me in contacting at least one friend a day throughout the month. Based on the emails I received, Tweets, Retweets, and Facebook "likes" and "shares," the Friend A Day (AKA "FAD") challenge sparked a lot... Read more →

CLICK HERE to listen the Here We Are Radio Show, "Successful Relationships: Are They Impossible To Achieve? Too Difficult? Or Do We Make Them So?" Everybody wants to find love. We all have an idea of what makes or breaks a romantic relationship. Relationship expert, David Simonsen, M.S., LMFT, discusses universal habits that can... Read more →

Freshly cut flowers beam with a multitude of beautiful colors, and each type carries a specific message. In the Victorian era, due to the decorum of the time, flowers were used to express sentiments that might otherwise have gone unspoken. The gesture of giving a single flower, a nosegay tied with a silk ribbon,... Read more →

A post by Here We Are Contributor, Emilie LoGiudice Summer is finally here! There is plenty of time for socializing with friends and going on a family vacation. Many teenagers, myself included, tend to try to roll both concepts into one. A lot of parents might assume that since their kid wants to bring... Read more →

CLICK HERE to listen to the latest Here We Are Radio Show episode, "So You Got Engaged! It's Time To Think About A Pre-Nup & Who Gets To Keep The Ring If You Break Up!" If you are engaged or moving in with your significant other, there are lots of plans to make in... Read more →

CLICK HERE to listen to the latest Here We Are Radio Show episode, "Much To Do About Divorce: Positioning Yourself Before You Ask Or Are Asked." Matrimonial and family law attorney, Judith A. Hartz, filled us in on important steps to take before or after the difficult decision to divorce is made. Have a... Read more →