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Welcome to one of my decor consulting projects! This video takes you through the entire process of a full bathroom renovation... In this long-form video, I guide you from the old and dated "everything beige" before, through the decision making process, to the up-to-date design choices, including things to consider to increase space in... Read more →

Here We Are entering another winter season and that means, for most of us at least, woolen sweaters, scarves, mittens, and hats, not to mention some socks, robes, pajamas, pillow covers, and throws... That sure is a lot of wool! And if any of your items are cashmere or cashmere blends, you know the... Read more →

Hello Here We Are readers, listeners, and video watchers... Oh my gosh, another year has gone by and we are back to the holiday season. I've gotten a number of emails about preparing for the holidays, and I took a look at what people are recently searching and finding on HWA... Thought I'd combine... Read more →

If you have a kitchen, you have wooden utensils somewhere in your utensil drawer... From spoons, gadgets, knife handles, to cutting boards and egg cups, those wooden items need a little extra TLC to stay in tip-top shape. If you are like me, and often put wood into the dishwasher - I know it... Read more →

Part 23 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud If you are tired of picking up that mounting stack of papers, putting away the same pair of sneakers, or feeling like you just vacuumed and now you have to do it again, then you need to hear my grandmother's tips... Read more →

There is always a room in every house that is in need of an update. The easiest way to transform a room - and most cost effective - is by choosing a new wall color. This means selecting a different paint color entirely from the one that is already on the wall. Easier said... Read more →

No matter the size or style of your house, the eye first goes to the front door. The entryway and its immediate surroundings say a lot about the overall feeling of a home. It also sets the tone for either a happy, welcoming entryway or a dull, lifeless one. The easiest way to achieve... Read more →

According to NBC, this is the official, traditional place setting used on the tables during Prince William of England and Princess Kate's wedding reception. While you may not be entertaining royalty, this table setting chart offers a formal, and very extensive diagram for ALL of the flatware, stemware, dish, and napkin placements that might... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to reuse the empty pineapple shells as serving bowls for the extracted fruit. Don't throw away the shells OR the spiky tops after you've cored out the fruit; repurpose them for the table as fruit bowls when you are entertaining. BONUS: By using the... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to repurpose the empty pineapple shells that are naturally beautiful. It seems wasteful to just throw them away after you remove the fruit, so I came up with a few uses for you to try. This is the first of 3 Tips on how... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to make a lovely hostess gift for about $20(US)! This floral centerpiece is perfect for bringing along to your next BBQ or house party. Whether the hostess places it on the table, the sidebar, or a serving station, it is ready to go! She... Read more →

At Thanksgiving, more than any other time of year, when hosting a dinner we think in terms of "dressing." We dress the turkey, whisk the salad dressing, dress up the buffet table, select a dress to wear, yet year after year, we put on the same tablecloth. Well no more boring old pumpkin colored... Read more →

If you garden, you know that this season has been a struggle due to excessive heat, rain, combined with recurring dry spells. Creating and maintaining the beautiful blooms you envisioned in early spring has probably been a challenge. Here is an early tip for next year, don't plant petunias at eye-level. Who's eye-level you... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips Along with the summer breeze, iced tea, and outdoor picnics, comes an unwelcome guest, the dreaded housefly. If you run an anti-chemical, pesticide-free home, you might want to try this easy, natural solution of hanging water filled bags to deflect the approaching fly. Yes, it's very simple.... Read more →

At one time or another, when looking into our clothes closet, we've all exclaimed, "I have nothing to wear!" While this may be true for specific occasions like a wedding at Westminster Abbey, mostly the issue arises because we forget what we own or can't see through the clutter that is also know as... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips Good old-fashioned, household table salt, AKA sodium chloride, is the most abundant, inexhaustible, non-metallic mineral in the world. There are thousands of beneficial uses for salt in all of its forms. It's natural, cheap, and doesn't go bad. If you are trying to go green, substituting salt... Read more →

As some of you know, one of my many hats is that of a decor consultant. I'd like to share with you the first bathroom renovation which started my tile obsession! What can I say? Some girls go crazy shopping for shoes, I love to help people shop for granite and marble... This bathroom... Read more →

Whether you are setting the table with traditional glassware, family crystal, wine glasses, water goblets, or brandy snifters, they usually all have one thing in common, a delicate stem (hence the name "stemware"). With each use, be it a formal affair or a casual dinner, the heavy wear and tear on your stemware takes... Read more →

While the housing market shows some signs of life but is still sluggish, you need every advantage when listing your home for sale. With such tight competition, it is especially important to make a good first impression upon a potential buyer. Selling and buying a home is costly for all involved. Here are twelve... Read more →

PP = Preparedness Plan NOTE: Updated article October 2016. The ongoing fires in California sparked this list. While our thoughts and prayers are with those who are in harm's way, it is a good time to think about what each of us would do in that stressful situation. An emergency plan that is put... Read more →

Shopping Alert Smith & Hawken, the iconic garden supply store is closing its doors after 30 years of furnishing gardeners with outstanding products and customer service. If you are a gardener, the brick and mortar stores were a mecca of seasonal delights. Whether you were shopping for bulbs, outdoor furniture, or well made tools,... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips To-Do List: Store wreaths, wrap candlesticks, disconnect twinkling lights, and recycle 2008 holiday cards. WAIT!!!! Don’t just recycle them...REPURPOSE your holiday cards to help abused and abandoned children. I recently discovered a worthy cause that could greatly benefit from these dated well wishes. It will take you... Read more →

Tis' the season to wear chunky woolens and soft cashmere sweaters. The label says "Dry clean only," but you want to save time and money...and maybe even wear your favorite sweater again tomorrow. Next time it needs cleaning, instead of dropping it off, scheduling a pick-up, and missing your comfy sweater, wash it in... Read more →