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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa! Once again we are or have been busy running around, wrapping, gifting, shopping, listing, and all sorts of other expended energy for those special people in our lives. Lucky to be able to do this, and of course, luckier that there are people with whom we share... Read more →

DIY Shower Vapor Disks Cold and flu season calls for extra relief of stuffed up noses and sore sinuses. Besides using a Neti Pot, another all natural, easy way to help move things along is to add homemade, inexpensive, melting shower disks to your hot shower. Scented with essential oils, these puck-like soothers release... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse ~ Freshly Green Tips™ In Real Estate, the value of a property is determined by three words, "Location, location, location." When it comes to living chemical-free in a chemical laden world, the three words that reflect the value of a product are, "Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients." No one wants to live next... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips CLICK HERE to listen to the latest Health & Wellness episode, Energy Medicine: HOW-TO Tips To help You Stay Healthy This Winter, on the Here We Are Radio Show. NOTE: To learn more about the basics of Energy Medicine, also listen to the popular HWA show Energy... Read more →

Click the following link to listen to the Here We Are radio show, Intuition: Intuit Through It Using This Important Sixth Sense! (Note: There is a sound gap at the very beginning, but after a few seconds, the show is there for your enjoyment.) Ever had that "feeling" that something wasn't right or a... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips CLICK HERE to listen to the "Energy Medicine" episode on the Here We Are radio show. The use of "Energy Medicine" is becoming more popular, but what exactly is it? How does one use it? And why is it different than massage, acupuncture, or reiki? We are... Read more →

A Guest Post by Marie-Christine Lochot, NCTMB (republished with permission) We are almost half-way through this winter season. Some people enjoy each day while others struggle to maintain their physical health and mental well-being. If you are counting the days until springtime, then try these 10 easy tips to help you be well this... Read more →

A Guest Post by Marie-Christine Lochot, NCTMB (republished with permission) No matter which holiday you celebrate, 'tis the season to take care of yourself. Here are 10 easy tips to get you through the hustle and bustle of the next six weeks! 1. Stick to your exercise routine. If you don't have one, walk... Read more →

Do you really know what you are eating? I am not trying to insult you, but unless you are only eating "whole" foods there is always a chance something unexpected is present. Short of reading every label and understanding each ingredient, you run the risk of consuming ingredients you don't want or need. We... Read more →

Shades of Chartreuse - Freshly Green Tips CLICK Here To Listen To This Important Show at the Here We Are Radio page Feeling out of sorts? Hot? Sweaty? Just plain tired? Herbalist, Cynthia Johnston, may help you find the answer to your questions. Listen along as Cynthia helps us understand the effects of synthetic... Read more →

If you feel like Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are beating the clock and your list of to-do’s is growing, then take a moment and breathe. Breathe deeply, slowly, and with purpose. While there is less than a week to go before the three big holidays arrive one after the other, it is important for... Read more →