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It's BBQ time and the cookin' is easy! Especially if you know the right time and temperatures to serve up sizzling hot and juicy food. When Jack Thompson, founder of BroBBQ, wrote to me and shared his very detailed infographic, I knew I had to share it with you. So for all the Here... Read more →

There are those of us who are either water drinkers or not... If you are, spa water will entice you to drink more water, and if you aren't, you'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly sweetened beverages lose their sparkle. Spa water, AKA water infused with fruit, vegetables, and herbs, is a wonderful, refreshing, less... Read more →

I love, love, love my Cuisinart Rice Cooker... I've written about the other ways I use this handy, kitchen gadget in the Here We Are article, The Rice Cooker: A Better Way To Cook Brown Rice, Couscous, And Oatmeal In Less Time. This time, I am sharing with you how to hard-cook, or hard-boil,... Read more →

If you've ever been strolling the supermarket produce section and thought about buying pomegranates but figured it would be too messy to peel and seed them... Stop pushing your shopping cart! After you watch this One By One video, the next time you are in the store you'll want to treat yourself and your... Read more →

Call it whatever you want... Italian Ice, Lemon Ice, Granita, Sorbet, or Sorbetto, it is still a sweet and tasty cold treat perfect for hot summer days. This recipe came out of my attempt to make a watermelon-lemonade granita BUT when I sliced open the seedless watermelon, it was rotten! Since I had the... Read more →

In this One By One video, I show you how to make my EASY Lime Dressing recipe, step by step. You may remember the original article, Lime Salad Dressing: Simple, Tasty, and Versatile. Check it out for the exact ingredients and measurements as described in this video. This homemade, delicious dressing can be used... Read more →

Wherever you live, find an opportunity in your area to go fruit picking this spring, summer, or fall. Whether you pick apples, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, or cherries, it's a fun outing and can be an adventure. Besides getting outdoors, you will be up close and personal with Mother Nature while supporting local farms. Walking... Read more →

It's been years since I discovered the Butter Bell. When I first launched Here We Are, I shared that experience with you in the article, Butter... Spread Soft Cheer To Better Butter Up Your Toast & Maybe Your Host (obviously, I was exercising my "catchy title" muscles!). Since then, every time I entertain, someone... Read more →

In this ONE BY ONE video, Luci shares an easy, tasty drink recipe that can be served in the pineapple shells after you've cored out the fruit. Don't throw away the shells after coring, consider using them instead of traditional drink ware for frozen tropical drinks. Remember to plan ahead so you have enough... Read more →

If you love pineapple but struggle with getting the fresh, juicy meat out of the shell… Then you need a pineapple corer in your kitchen. This affordable gadget makes easy work of removing the delicious, nutritious meat of this tropical fruit. With a knife, a bowl, and a little elbow grease applied to the... Read more →

This is a fun, easy recipe that I've adapted for Here We Are after much testing and tasting! If you like the traditional York style peppermint patty, then you will enjoy making this eggless, homemade recipe. These chocolate covered treats make a great gift in a pretty box or cellophane gift bag; are perfect... Read more →

Thanksgiving is over and the last of the cranberry sauce is gone. Now what to do with those extra cranberries that didn't make it into the sauce? Freeze them... Right? Except six months later we find the Ziploc bag of berries in the freezer - uncertain if they are any good - we wastefully... Read more →

This past winter I decided to develop a granola bar recipe to share with the Here We Are readers. After reading long, sugar-filled ingredient lists on store brands, I wanted bars that were light on sugar content, preservative and soy-free. And so the testing began... Like all of the HWA recipes that must pass... Read more →

Article update 2016: Check out my video on how to use this handy gadget To Core A Pineapple. How often do you walk past the fresh pineapple display at the market simply because you don't want to make a mess getting the fruit out of its prickly shell? Once you use a pineapple coring... Read more →

Can you be anything but happy looking at this scrumptious treat? It tastes even better than it looks! This simple recipe makes it easy to enjoy this french dessert known as "pots de crème" - AKA pot of cream or custard - any time you have a chocolate craving. Expect a deep, rich chocolate... Read more →

Making homemade marshmallows is easy and fun to do for the whole family. There is something very pleasing about watching the ingredients turn into creamy white, delicious marshmallow dreaminess. This fluffy recipe mixture makes it hard to wait until they are ready to cut, so have a few spoons available for a quick tasting... Read more →

Last year, I was in the supermarket produce aisle when I saw an abundance of big, juicy, red grapes on a vine. It sparked a childhood memory of Thanksgiving holidays at my grandparent's house. I started telling my friend about how my grandmother used red and purple grapes as the center of a big... Read more →

A Recipe Review by Here We Are Is it even possible to bake a great tasting chocolate cupcake without adding eggs? Yes, and I can vouch for this recipe... You won't be disappointed. To do this review, I tested it twice and both batches baked up beautifully in terms of shape, size, moist texture,... Read more →

Think granola is a bland combo of seeds and nuts? You'll think differently after trying this recipe for an easy, homemade, healthy treat that can be served for breakfast or munched on by the handful. After you mix up this eggless, customizable recipe, you'll never buy another box of mass produced cereal again! ALLERGY... Read more →

This is a fast, healthy, and easy recipe for grilling salmon. Depending on your preference, both topping options are used in the same manner. The fruit options can be adjusted according to the amount of salmon you are grilling. Estimate two pieces of fruit per average size salmon steak (approx. 4 x 5 inches).... Read more →

2017 Update: I've added a One By One video extending the use of this rice cooker beyond couscous, oatmeal, and brown rice to eggs... Yes, eggs! For my tips on cooking these dry goods, and the eggs, check out How To Make Hard Cooked Eggs In A Rice Cooker Using The Steamer Basket. Original... Read more →

Too much "junk in the trunk" to fit into your favorite summer shorts? Like to snack? Try this healthier Oatmeal Cookie recipe to satisfy summer snack cravings. They are loaded with ingredients that are good for you, but you'd never know it because they will please any sweet tooth. Remember, these cookies are a... Read more →

Check out the ONE BY ONE Video on How To Use A Butter Bell, What It Is, And Why You'll Want One! Does your butter come out of the fridge looking unappetizing? Are you tired of cold, hard butter that refuses to spread on your nice warm bagel? In many cases, there is no... Read more →