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Hello Here We Are readers, we are two weeks into the new year, and I bet you are already swamped with to-do lists, a full work-load, appointments, and the daily grind of this fast-paced life. Time management is simply a series of well-honed skills that when applied consistently will help us approach tasks in... Read more →

These days we meet people from around the world without ever leaving the house. The connections that develop are important to growing your personal and business network... You may have heard the statement, "If you aren't online, you don't exist." Harsh though it may sound, in the 21st century, there is truth in this... Read more →

CLICK HERE to listen to the Here We Are interview with Ruth A. Casie: Romancing A "Knight of Runes," Writing, And More! Do you have a passion to write? Are you working toward getting published? Not a writer but hoping to achieve a longtime dream? Newly published author, Ruth A. Casie, shares her journey... Read more →

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Here We Are Radio Show episode, Moving? The "Must Do's & Don'ts" of Staging & Selling A Home with Real Estate and Home Staging Expert, Susan Devane, CEO of Moving Mavins. If you are thinking about selling your home, or you have the overwhelming task of moving a... Read more →

"Thank You" are two simple words that are quite important to use at any time, but especially in business. There is no excuse for abandoning this MUST DO step in any deserving interaction. If and when you skip this step, you align yourself with the risk of negative connotations. In today's fast paced and... Read more →

Featured Article - WOMB: Woman On A Mission In Business There are women who work, and then there are women who see work as part of a natural progression of life. Meet Yvonne Costin, the Here We Are featured Woman On a Mission in Business. Yvonne and her company, Grandma's Handyman Service, are an... Read more →

CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Jaime Tardy, the Eventual Millionaire, on the Here We Are radio show... It's about much more than money! Are you interested in changing the direction of your life into one you've been dreaming about? Maybe you want to work from home to spend more time with... Read more →

Here We Are is looking for women who are taking charge, making strides, and living their lives out loud by using their businesses to prosper and help others. As Here We Are grows, our mission to help busy women make their lives better, brighter, and easier, continues to bloom. We are proud to introduce... Read more →

Are you experiencing less attentiveness and manners during a face to face meeting? Do you leave feeling like the time could have been more productive? It seems that the more we connect on-line, the less we are connecting in person, both literally and figuratively. It might be time to brush up on a few... Read more →

CLICK HERE to listen to the Here We Are radio show, Social Networking: How The Net Tangles Up The Workplace. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, texting, emails, and other social networking sites are tangling up the workplace for employers. If you have employees or are thinking of hiring personnel, you need to know how to navigate... Read more →

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Already have a business but could use some websites tips that will make your work easier? The following are 10 of my favorite, easy to use websites that help me grow and maintain my businesses, Holly Woods 'N Vines, Botanical Lifestyle Enhancers (a natural bath, body,... Read more →

Major credit card companies have Loyalty Point programs, airlines have Frequent Flyer miles, and even grocery stores have Super-Saver cards for regular customers. Rewarding repeat customers has become a tradition in our consumer driven society. Whether you never leave home without it, or the more you buy, the more you fly, at least you... Read more →