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Make A New Year's "Magical Memories And Moments" Mason Jar

Mason Jars on Window Sill

Part 30 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud

Pinterest has made the Mason jar the go-to glassware for all sorts of uses. They can serve as vases, drinking glasses, jam jars, candy holders, cookie mix carriers, candle containers, and more. These classic vessels look great even empty, and they evoke a sense of simpler times.

I recently saw an idea and loved it, and of course, wanted to share it with you... Use a Mason jar to hold your daily magical memories and moments throughout the new year. What to do? You memorialize each day with a quick note written on a slip of paper and put it into the jar. Be sure to date each slip. Easy!

At the end of the year, or on New Year's Day of 2021, open the jar and read the 365 life experiences from 2020 that were "jar worthy". The reward for this daily task is a big gift delivered in small jotted notes to remember the wonderful moments that might otherwise be forgotten as the months passed by.

Here are 20 suggestions that I'll be using to fill my "magical memories and moments" mason jar starting on January 1, 2020:

  1. Something or someone you are GRATEFUL for
  2. FUN you had
  3. A funny JOKE that cracked you up
  4. A good LAUGH you shared with someone
  5. A new MEMORY you created
  6. A long-overdue CHAT 
  7. An exciting TRIP
  8. An unexpected OPPORTUNITY
  9. A new FRIEND you made
  10. A KINDNESS paid to you
  11. A lovely GIFT you received
  12. A BOOK you finally finished
  13. A fabulous MEAL you enjoyed out
  14. A fabulous MEAL you cooked
  15. A life changing LESSON
  16. An EXERCISE goal you reached
  17. A professional ACHIEVEMENT
  18. A HUG your shared
  19. A helping HAND that showed up
  20. Anything else that stands out at the end of your day.

While we all know that there are - on any given day - millions of reasons for gratitude; if you opened your eyes you have something to be grateful for. Noting one moment, memory, or experience a day, be it fleeting or monumental, will fill your jar with positive energy and beautiful reminders.

Like loose change collecting in a jar, next year the review of these self-love notes will add up to a priceless amount of remembrance, acknowledgement, and appreciation for the past 365 days. The satisfaction will be more magical and sweeter than any flowers or candy filling a Mason jar.

I hope you'll get a jar, a pen, and paper ready, and join me on 1/1/20! ~ Luci


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Luci Weston

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