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New Season: 10 Ways To Regroup, Reset, Renew

Pumpkins Fall 2109

Yesterday, I saw this pumpkin patch and had to stop to photograph it. It was the perfect first day of autumn, and the color of these pumpkins reminded me that even though summer is officially over, the new season brings beautiful, vibrant experiences. This got me thinking about how day-to-day minutia and obligations get in the way of recognizing beautiful, vibrant moments and cloud our awareness of living in the moment. 

It's important to stay present - but with a busy lifestyle - it isn't always easy. A new season is a great time to regroup, reset, and renew the way you go through precious time. We are all busy, but here is a "doable" list of ways to give yourself some bright pumpkin patch moments:

  1. Take care of yourself! We hear this all the time but what does it mean? It means exercising, eating right, meditating, etc., and whatever makes you feel good. You don't have to do it all at once, but focus on one area that is lacking and do it.
  2. Try new things! What have you been wanting to do but have been putting off? Now is the time. 
  3. Laugh! The more you laugh, the more you laugh. 
  4. See friends! Make sure the friends you see aren't energy vampires; this can make all the difference of feeling renewed vs. feeling drained.
  5. Look for butterflies! Sit on your porch, go to an arboretum, walk at the park, and watch the butterflies flit and soar around beautiful flowers. Their delicate beauty is inspiring.
  6. Gift yourself personal time! Sleep, take a bath, read a book, leaf through a magazine, brew tea the old fashioned way (not in the microwave), and anything else that speaks "relaxation" to you.
  7. Experiment with a new process! If your process of balancing work, life, home, isn't working or it's making you feel overwhelmed, STOP AND START a new way of doing things. There is no right or wrong way, just the one that works for you. Sometimes the old way gets old, and a new way can be freeing.
  8. Look around! This seems obvious, but how many times have you said, "Hmmm, I've never noticed this before"? It means you are on autopilot. When you pause and take in your surroundings, you'll be surprised what pops up.
  9. Breathe! Breathe deep, concentrate on your breath, and be aware of it. Dedicate a time and place to do this, it could even be while you drive. It's one of the most effective ways to be in the moment because it slows you down while energizing you.
  10. Pick a few and DO! If you are doing some of these, fabulous! Add a few more. If you aren't doing any, then pick a few that speak to you and do them. 

All of the items in the list to regroup, reset, and renew are FREE to do. The only obstacle is the urge to put it off. If that is the feeling, then acknowledge it and push it away, pick one and START! Your life will be better, brighter, and easier for it. 

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Michelle F.

Love the article! Ten simple suggestions to making me feel like I'm getting a fresh start on the season. Thank you.

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