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Savor The Summer By Resting Through The Rest of It, To Make The Best Of What Is Left Of It!

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Every day that passes is one day less of precious summer and all its better, brighter, easier glory. I know there are those of you who like the winter, but if you are lover of summertime weather, activities, and style, then you are feeling the same as me... It's going by too fast and I want it to stop!

Yes, we are all busy and the idea of "doing" in order to rest may seem counterintuitive, but I can't think of a better way to make yourself happy with personal summer moments than by making a sweet and simple list of to-do's that shout "summer" to you. Doing whatever brings you big, medium, and small joy should be on your personal list of must-do experiences before the season is over.

Here are ideas for you to add to your list that come straight from my own: Slow down your daily routine, eat watermelon, make ice pops, chase down an ice cream truck, go for a swim (or as many as you can make happen), read that book that's been in your beach bag (I just finished The Sudoku Murder by Shelley Freydont), get a massage, paint your toenails white (this seems to make everyone's feet look cute), dance to the radio, open the skylight in your car (bugs be damned), have your morning coffee outside, walk a boardwalk or through a blooming garden, buy yourself a bouquet, wear that summer dress you've been saving, call a friend for a long overdue chat in the late afternoon while you sip sweet tea, buy a bikini on deep discount and wear it this season, stare at the clouds, watch some surfers or boogie board a rolling wave or two, and any other activity that is fun and practically free, and oh so important to savoring the summer.

Be mindful during each and every activity, but let it unfold in a natural way, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Make time to savor the time that is left of this summer by resting through the rest of it, so you can make the best of what is left of it (I made a rhyme! ;)). ~ With Summer Fun Wishes, Luci

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Luci Weston

Hi Michelle, Thank you for this comment... Your "balancing" act seems to be one that we all struggle with daily. It's hard to do the mundane tasks when the sun is shining! I am so glad this article is urging you to do the fun stuff that needs to be done now. The laundry can wait! ;)

Michelle F.

Thank you for this article. I've been struggling with balancing my usual chores versus savoring what's left of the summer. After reading this I am now giving myself permission to table what can wait until fall and focus on the joyful moments only summer can bring!

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