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KindnessThis was not the scheduled post, and if you are a regular reader of Here We Are you know that I stay away from all things political. This article is not a political statement, but it is a suggestion that kindness in all matters will win the day. There is a reason we have fallen for the "Christmas in July" sales campaigns... It's a reminder to shop with abandon at the mid-year point. Why? Because we are told that shopping brings us happiness. (That is a topic for a different blog post and day!)

During Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, and whatever people celebrate in December, we are reminded to be kinder, gentler, and more compassionate. We reserve arguments for another time to avoid upsetting the holiday parties, happy to share the best of ourselves. We shower friends and family with gifts and cards. We behave like adults. And, we revel in having a little fun, eating chocolate treats, listening to classic holiday music, and consciously choosing to be kinder to each other. 

A while back, I wrote, Top 10 Thoughts About Kindness and Why It Is Time To Be Kind; the current political climate begs for revisiting this list. It's time to take a breath, stifle whatever thought pops into our brain and spend a moment of reflection before blurting it out, bring the animosity down a notch or two or three, and appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, AND to be kind to each other. 

I titled this approach as a "campaign" because all of what we see in the media is part of campaigning for each person's agenda. In our own individual lives, we can campaign to be better, brighter, and easier with our words, intentions, and acts.

Start your own campaign today of paying kindnesses forward knowing that each act contributes to another. The positive result starts a chain reaction, a butterfly effect, a ripple in the ocean, adding up to better, brighter, easier energy and, hopefully, understanding. 

Where ever you journey to this summer... Enjoy the rest of July with this idea in mind. Let me know if you see its effect. Tell us how you implemented it or planted kindness. Instead of shopping during the Christmas in July sales, give away free goodness in the form of kindness, thoughtfulness, and consideration, in whatever way you can to create love. ~ With Love & Kindness, Luci

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Luci Weston

You are so welcome, and thank you for your comment. It's great to get feedback. I, too, hope it helps spread kindness around like confetti!!

Micki F.

Amen! I hope this resonates with others as it does with me. Thank you for this gentle reminder to be kind.

Luci Weston

Absolutely! Good guidelines to follow, thanks!

Chris K

Hi Luci- in other words, use simple common sense manners- Thank you, your welcome, hold the door for someone- and exercise the 24 hour rule before sending that anxious email response-
Chris K

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