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Hello summer time movie releases! If you are looking at tons of film and tv series to view from your OnDemand provider, my new Chick Flick Chat series, What To Watch Now, will help you decide. The first podcast in my under-15-minute-review features Netflix's production, "Murder Mystery," starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. You can click here to listen to this Chick Flick Chat podcast, stream or download it on Apple iTunes, or use the player below to hear why the film is a must watch now choice. 

This movie is ADORABLE! It is a lighthearted "who done it" that is fun from start to finish... The two stars play a married couple, on a long overdue vacation, who are wanna' be detectives thrown into a madcap mystery romp around Europe. You'll come away smiling after watching this entertaining adventure!

Please know that in the podcast there are NO spoilers, so you can listen without any important plot points being given away.

Enjoy and thank you for listening. ~ Luci

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Chris K

Excellent review- Thanks for no spoilers-

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