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Boyshorts: Spanx, Jockey

Ok, ladies! We all know this issue. You pick a fun and flowing sundress to wear to the beach, a picnic, a garden party, and what happens? The breeze and your movements make your butt eat the dress! Ugh. Now you have to find the perfect moment to pull it out, most likely repeating this maneuver a number of times that day. Besides being a damper on your fun, it ruins the draping of the dress or skirt, not to mention highlighting any jiggling derrière distractions. Double Ugh! 

So now that you remember those moments, I have a better, brighter, easier solution... Boy shorts!!! These give you a multiple of smoothing answers. The first being that they actually do help smooth you; while they won't take away all the jiggle, they do keep things where they belong. The second benefit, and most helpful for this topic, is that they create a barrier for the dress to graze over and not get caught up in (if you get my meaning). These two reasons should be enough to motivate you to have at least one pair at the ready for spring and summer sundresses and skirts.

Thirdly, if you are wearing a shorter length hemline, then a pair of boy shorts underneath offers you peace of mind if a wind gust suddenly pulls a Marilyn Monroe moment in front of your coworkers. While I love a thong under most garments, I also like knowing that when I sit down, dance, bend over, go up a flight of steps, get in and out of a car, ride a subway, etc., all the right stuff is covered in all the right places. Who's with me on this? 

Now that we have this area covered... Cue the laugh track! Did you get the joke? Anyway, let's figure out how do decide which boy short is for you. Since you are reading this, hopefully you know that I share items I use and have proven the best choices from what ever item(s) I test. That is again what I am doing today. If you are wondering why you shouldn't just grab a pair of panties, they ride up, too, and you end up pulling the panty down and the dress out!

I tried a number of brands, fabric weights, and cuts, but the two I came back to are Spanx and Jockey. The most important reason is that while most boy short styles will do the trick, it's summer and if you feel the heat, you'll want light-weight boy shorts without seams. Now all are not created equal, including within these brand lines, but see the ads below for the ones that I own and use regularly because of the light fabric and lack of seams (no seams means no lines on your body, and no demarcations under the garment for maximum smoothness). The Skinny Britches by Spanx (middle ad) also shapes you with a magically thin layer of whatever this material is; when you feel it, you doubt its shaping ability, until you wear it!

The best way to decide which pair to start with is to decide how much coverage you need and look at where the waist line hits. If you need some tummy help, then go with a higher waisted short like the Spanx. The same for the leg options, think about the hemline and always go at least 4 inches shorter - than the hem - under the dress to keep the shorts hidden when you sit down. TIP: You can cuff the longer ones if they are lightweight material; heavier weights could make a cuff too tight around your thigh. TIP 2: Have a short pair handy for a super hot day.

Beside the weight of the undergarment, when you are picking your outfit, be sure to consider the fabric weight of the dress or skirt. You want to match both fabric weights. In other words, don't wear a heavy short under a gauzy dress as it may look like a girdle. That is not what we are trying to achieve. Color is also an obvious decision, shorts in your natural skin tone work with anything, but it's also fun to add a pop of color as long as it won't show through the dress.

As for sizing, I find it hard with all panty styles to know the fit exactly, so I usually round up a size. This is a good policy with any slip short or boy shorts so that you aren't feeling like a sausage all day. There is a lot of stretch in most of these fabrics so they will still be smooth to the body even with a little extra room; this also helps them give you the "back wall barrier" for the dress to float over because they won't fully hug your cheeks. I'm suggesting if you think you are a size 5, buy a 6, a small could buy a medium, etc., this is all the additional sizing difference needed. 

The objective is for coverage with fluidity of your pretty dress! Get rid of the granny panties, save the thongs for your jeans, and get yourself a few pairs of boy shorts. They are the underwear that is fun to wear with summer dresses and skirts. Then go have a wonderful time in the sunshine and never think about your behind snacking on your maxi dress while you are sipping a glass of chilled rosé.

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Luci Weston

Thank you! I am so glad - timing is everything even with underwear that is fun to wear!! ;)

Have a fabulous time, and enjoy the sun and sundresses!

Michele F.

Thank you for this article! Your timing couldn't be better for me. I'm in the midst of packing for a trip to the Caribbean and I've just purchased a few new sundresses and skirts. I was wondering what the best route would be for panties. Mystery solved!

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