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Part 28 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud

It's another new year, and a new week has begun after the hype, holidays, and hurry of the past season. It is when we talk and think about time in a way that we don't during the rest of the year. We think about the things we did, and the things we didn't do in the past year, then we think of the things we want to do in the new year.

First, I wish you health and happiness, second, how are those resolutions working after the first seven days? If you are a regular reader of Here We Are, you know I don't believe in resolutions. They are merely words of change stated with good intentions, but rarely supported by action. Change is hard, even in small increments when one is willing to accept them. No one is immune from the adjustments change can demand.

The new year brings in with it the promise of change, all hoping it will be better, brighter, easier. In a perfect world, that might work, but in this non-stop lifestyle we now lead, there is little time or energy to implement big change. So where am I going with this, you ask? I am suggesting that you abandon the resolution route, stop daydreaming about six months from now, or wasting time trying to make up whatever you missed last year. How about not thinking, planning, making lists (although grocery ones are probably still smart to do) and just wake up each day with the attitude to make today ridiculously amazing in anyway the day shapes up for you? It's an exercise of free falling, living by faith that the important stuff will get done, letting go, and doing LESS using prioritization. The new approach ensures that you are putting a positive spin on your obligations and whatever comes your way.

Now I'm not suggesting you play hooky from work, don't pick up the kids, or fly away to meet the ship to Antartica because you feel like it on a busy Monday... There is still planning involved in all of those events, but perhaps the daily routines can become less stilted, rigid, and stressful if you just start by making it feel good. Which I suppose is the equivalent of you starting your day feeling good. Look at it from either angle and begin.

The picture you see above is the cover of my 2019 appointment book, which I received as a gift. It is so pretty and eye-catching that the message started to take shape each day that it sat on my desk before the new year arrived. I wondered, "What if I started each day with the thought to make the day amazing?" This doesn't mean parties, or shopping at Tiffany's, or daredevil feats each day, but utilizing the phrase as a guide to approaching the day. Since then, I've been testing this theory. The result is that most of my days have been really great, even while I'm doing the universal mundane tasks. There is something life affirming and motivational in planting the seed of creating "the amazing" daily experience that makes the dry things more enjoyable, the fun stuff heightened to the next level, and small moments more special. 

I've learned the benefit of letting go of the "must do's" and not giving away any energy to the energy-zappers in your life increases each time you implement it. You know who and what pulls you down, so be prepared to deprive them of your valuable energy. Don't feel bad, put the energy you would have given away into making your own time amazing.

Make this the year that you don't work on radically changing anything or doing anymore in new or different ways. Instead, start your days this year continuing with what is working, enjoying it more, and making each day more fulfilling. Wake up tomorrow with the thought and belief you will make the day ridiculously amazing! Here's to a wonderful 2019!! ~ Luci

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Luci Weston

Thank you, Lynn! So true. Remembering this makes every day more special. :)


Love this! Don’t we all need to be reminded that every day is a gift.
Thanks Luci!

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