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The Surest And Shortest Way To Joy Is Gratitude

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I either bought a card with this picture on it to give or received it... Either way, it carries my message at that time and today. I took a picture of it then because I knew I wanted to share it with the Here We Are readers, listeners, viewers, and Better Brighter Easier shoppers. Again this past year, you have motivated me to continue to learn, create, and grow in all aspects of my life. I am grateful. Thank you! 

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This chart will assist you in keeping your orders and their status on track. I created it for myself, and I want to share it with you.🎁

The serious stuff: The title of this article is true. Every day it becomes clearer to me that the surest and shortest way to joy - both in the big and small things - is gratitude. It is a practice of awareness and a proactive choice to stay focused even if initially things look less than rosy. 

In searching for a quote, I came upon this Hansa Proverb that sums it up. ~ With gratitude and appreciation, Luci


Give thanks for a little

and you will find a lot.



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Chris K

I have found this to be very true!!

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