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Relaxation For Maximization

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As we start the last unofficial week of the summer, it's time to maximize the opportunity for relaxation and re-evaluation of whatever stress you are carrying around. If you recognize that you are not relaxed, perhaps beating yourself up for the unfinished to-dos, or worrying about the upcoming busy fall season, just stop. Relax into this moment, then acknowledge the feelings, resentments, anxieties, and tension that are keeping you from being mindful and stealing your joy. 

This week, I stopped and smelled a bunch of beautiful roses. I was walking home and realized I hadn't done this in a while, so I stopped at my neighbor's rose garden and did just that. It was a wonderful experience. Those few seconds with each rose offered pure enjoyment. When you actually stop and smell a rose, nothing else exists in that moment. This decision made me aware of other experiences that I wasn't enjoying, and I finally understood that if I'm not relaxed, I can't maximize any experience.

Whatever your "rose" is this week, take the time to have the experience, give it the respect of your attention, and most of all, enjoy it. 

Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are. 

This article grew from this Chinese proverb that I saw recently and photographed. I kept revisiting it and the meaning hit home for me. It has helped me to relax and re-evaluate a number of things. I'm sharing my experience with you hoping that this post and the quoted proverb does the same for you. ~ Luci


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