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Loving Yourself, Part 4: One Word Is All You Need (Podcast)

Sunflower referred to in Here We Are Talk Show podcast by Luci Weston

Part 29 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud

If you are having trouble managing it all... And by all, I mean the things that you want to do and the things that must get done, then this podcast is just what you need. We are already half way through this year. Now is a great time to take stock of your dreams, desires, goals, as well as the mundane day-to-day to-do list that is slowing you down, and get a hold of it before it is December 31.

The process that I detail in this fourth installment of the Loving Yourself podcast series will help you get your thoughts into alignment with your actions. Wow! That may seem like a tall order, but it is amazingly simple, and the bonus is that it is free and you can personalize it for your needs! Might I add, it is EASY to begin, put it into practice, then keep going with it.

I promise, if you use my tips you will see your daily list of "stuff" become more manageable and your approach to all of it will be better, brighter, and easier

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Please email me or comment and let me know how this process works for you... If you are feeling brave, share your word with others in the comments below. You never know how that might spark someone else on and help them!! ~ Luci


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