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Kate Spade... A Message Heard Around The World

Kate Spade store sign

Part 28 of the Here We Are series, Live Your Life Out Loud

Dear Kate,

As I write this note to you, the surprise and shock of your recent passing is equal to the sadness I myself, and the world, felt upon learning of your decision. Hearing the news brought back memories of early shopping aspirations, not as a frivolous activity but as a goal so many of us starting out set for ourselves. To have a new Kate Spade purse would pull together any outfit and add to our personal style (that we were still figuring out), as well as marking a passage from college student to professional person. Your designs represented a statement piece, making as many statements as there were handbags moving down the streets of every city. 

What happened this week highlights how fame and money can mask what is really going on behind the scenes in someone's life. It spotlights how we don't know what anyone is going through, and while you were removed from most of us, this is often true for those to whom we are personally close. It also says that if someone like you could be so lost, any person could be.

This realization is what is most eye-opening and frightening because your iconic status and success shows that you were a woman who related to us, and us to you, and we understand from the shared fashion kinship that we are in basic ways the same. Your tragic ending of what appeared to be an envious life reminds us that we are all human, flesh and blood, with hearts that ache, love, and have a drive for our passion but are susceptible to our fear. 

With each handbag, pair of shoes, coat, dress, or wallet we own we will continue to think of you and see a reflection of ourselves with style and flair, individuality expressed through your whimsical yet classic designs. We will remember where and when we bought them, and the experiences those items were present for in our lives. Items that always evoke a happiness factor unlike other competing brands. 

Now, when women reach for one of your leather legacies - perched in so many a closet around the globe - each Kate Spade owner will be reminded to fully express herself in the life she's created and hopefully, demand answers, solutions, and guidance to steer her own fate to a happier ending if and when deep struggles arise. For all the women you touched, thank you for the beautiful designs, and the important message to pay closer attention to our own needs and to those around us. ~ Luci 


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