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How To Seal Granite The Fast & Easy Way (Video)

Granite sealer still shot of Luci Weston with gloves

Hello! Here's a question... When was the last time you sealed the granite in your home? If the answer is never, it is not hard to do. In my latest One By One video, I show you the fast and easy way to maintain a kitchen's best home improvement addition. Many times, when granite counters are installed, the installers will seal it for you before they leave, BUT once is not enough.

The sealant products work to do just that, seal the surface. The idea is to make the stone impermeable to spills. Even though the stone surface feels smooth to the touch, and we refer to granite and marble as part of the "solid surface" family, they aren't actually solid. Most stones have small fissures and many are downright porous. Maintaining the stone may seem like extra work - and it is yet another household task - BUT when someone spills red wine, pomegranate juice, or a cup of coffee all over, you be glad you do it.

Taking a little time about every six months to seal the stone goes a long way to preventing stains from setting in. Once they get into the stone, it's almost impossible to get them out. Why risk it? 

Granite is expensive, and a big project to re-install if it's ever necessary. Take care of it so it will serve you for years to come. A few ounces of sealant now can save you a lot of money later. 

In the following video you will see that in under an hour - most of which I spent taking everything off the counters and then putting it all back before and after filming - you can clean and seal your granite. 

Pick two times a year that you'll remember, like the day after Halloween and then May Day to use a little elbow grease to seal your granite. This way it's done before the busy holiday season and summer.

The products I use in this video are shown below and in my favorites page for your convenience; and here is the original product review of Granite & Marble Cleaner: A More Natural "Method" For Cleaning Natural Stone. NOTE: Remember to read the suggested applications for whatever product brand you end up selecting, AND always do a small test patch in an inconspicuous area before you use it all over the stone.


If you are interested in shopping for products similar or the same that Luci uses in her videos, writes about, and/or reviews on the blog, you will find many gathered in one spot for your convenience on her Amazon products page. (While Luci is an Amazon Affiliate, and an Amazon Influencer, shopping these links won't cost you a penny more, but it helps to keep the Better, Brighter, Easier How-To's, Tips, and Info coming to you for free. Thank you!) 



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Luci Weston

Oh, how funny! We'll I hope he watches beforehand, it's so easy to do, and really a very important chore that is so worth the elbow grease and an hour of time!!

Luci Weston

That's great to hear, thank you! Hope it helps.

Michelle F.

Thank you for this video! My husband just said "We really need to seal our granite", to which I replied "Wait! Luci posted a video on how to do just that." Thank you for guiding me in what products to use and how simple the process is. I'm anxious to get started. Keep these videos coming.

custom writings

It is so helpful video! Thank you a lot! I will use all your recommendations!

Luci Weston

Hi! I'm so glad this article was a reminder for you. And especially if you have Carrera Marble... which is known to be porous. I've heard (but haven't seen) that it can get water stains after a lot of use. This is probably due it lacking sealant. Better safe than sorry!

Chris K

Luci - great video - I remodeled my bathroom and spent thousands and I use the Impregnator Sealer and the process is literally as simple as shown on your video - well worth the few dollars and minutes to preserve my investment - I'm actually due to re-seal it. I think it's been 7 months!
Chris K

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