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Have Patience, #TwoWords No. 25

Have Patience, #TwoWords

It seems that there is a lot of somethin' somethin' going on in life lately, not just for me but for a lot of people around me. Whether your car gets creamed by a woman with purple hair driving a Hummer (yup, this happened), your house renovation stalls because of a nosey neighbor's interference, you unexpectedly lose a sibling, you go on a vacation and your kid comes home with a parasite, you just can't get a hold of everything spinning around you, or your new daughter-in-law is holding a grudge and won't let you see your grandchild... These are the times for you to find more patience than usual.

You might say, "Well, that's life, Luci," and you'd be right, but I'm writing about dealing day-to-day with whatever comes your way. Some of the occurrences in the list above are very serious, life altering challenges, and some are just plain old pain-in-the-butt events. No matter the severity, patience is key to getting things fixed, mending your broken heart, healing an illness, etc.

Patience, at its base, is about allowing the time that it takes to get to the other side of the obstacle. Things take the time they take, you can't push, cajole, hasten, scream, hover, or force the process to move any faster, you just have to wait... #HavePatience.


To climb steep hills.

Requires slow pace at first.

~ William Shakespeare; Henry VIII


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