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The Newsletter Is Here, The Newsletter Is Here!

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Article UPDATE April 9, 2018: The newsletter is here! Please read all about it below, and you can see it for yourself in the first volume, Spring Has Sprung & So Has The Better Brighter Easier Newsletter! Please subscribe this month if you like what you see so that you will be included in my May surprise (sign up on the newletter, use the link below in this article, or the link at the top of the blog, easy!!). If you miss the May promotion, no worries, there will be other goodies to come in the future!

Yes, it is! And soon to your email box. Speaking of which... This is a quick note to ask you to check your spam folder IF you did NOT receive the opt-in announcement newsletter on February 27.

If you received it, great! Thanks for being on board, truly. There is nothing else for you to do.

If you did not, then it is probably in your junk folder because your mailbox may not recognize the new email address from me. Look for an email containing the newsletter from Luci@BetterBrighterEasier(dot)com. It will look like the subject line in the picture above, but of course, it would display your name😉. Please add this new email address to your contact list.

While there was a great "open" rate for the announcement newsletter - thank you very much dear readers and listeners - a number of people told me that they had to look for it or found it in their spam folder. That information prompted me to write this post to you.

⭐️If you are on my list, I want to know you, and communicate with you through social networking, this website, and the newsletter, so it is important to me that it gets delivered properly to you!

ALSO: 📝If your first name isn't on the email, please update me so I can correct it by adding your name. 

10 things to know about the BETTER BRIGHTER EASIER newsletter:

  1. It's FREE, there is no obligation to buy anything at any time
  2. It may contain affiliate links for your convenience, but these do not cost you a penny more
  3. There will be $$ saving offers included as often as possible
  4. It is really all about sharing Better, Brighter, Easier lifestyle info in smaller, useful, fun snippets with you
  5. Feedback is appreciated, good and bad, I'm always striving to make the Here We Are content, podcasts, & videos the best they can be
  6. This is a MONTHLY newsletter, I don't want to wear out my welcome
  7. Lucky No. 7: I'm the lucky one to have you as a subscriber, thank you!
  8. Since this is a new vehicle for me, there may be a few bumps along the road... Hope you'll stay on the ride! 
  9. You can opt out at any time (although I'd be sad to see you go)
  10. If you have a big announcement, let me know, I'm considering a community spotlight section to share with your fellow readers when you have exciting news to share.

NOTE: If you are getting this article in your email, then you are already on the newsletter list. If you would like to share this article with someone who might like to sign up, please use this link:

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Thank you again, wishing you a wonderful April, and here's to all things better, brighter, easier! ~ Luci


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Luci Weston

Thank you Kelli! The second one, for May, just got published yesterday. So far, it's going very well. I am enjoying the process. Love reaching out to the HWA community beyond the blog.

Kelli Parisian

Go Luci! Look forward to your newsletter!

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