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Bathroom Renovation BEFORE & AFTER (Video): Ideas, Planning, & Tips To Use In Your Own Remodeling Project

Bathroom Renovation pics before and after

Welcome to one of my decor consulting projects! This video takes you through the entire process of a full bathroom renovation... In this long-form video, I guide you from the old and dated "everything beige" before, through the decision making process, to the up-to-date design choices, including things to consider to increase space in a small bathroom before you start to demolish it.

Decisions, decisions! Yes, it can be an overwhelming task to remodel a bathroom, but this video will help you start to put a few of those tasks into perspective to get you on you way!

This is a small bathroom (as evidenced by the camera up my nose for most of the shoot!). Thinking ahead - before demolition - we managed to maximize the space and give it a much needed facelift from the studs out. Watch as I discuss everything from money saving tips, soffits, lighting, vanity choices, fixtures, tubs, tile, design, artwork, colors, to the flooring, accoutrement, storage solutions, and overall approach to optimize the look of any bathroom. (Sorry, with some video players the audio might be a bit out of sync BUT the video is filled with useful how-to's that anyone can apply.) 


This home improvement demonstration should help you as you make important - and often expensive - updates to your home. If you like this video, please check out the other 20+ One By One videos on the Here We Are site, or at my YouTube channel - and remember to subscribe so you never miss one. Thank you!
NOTE: Some of the insert photos appear lighter in color, the actual blue paint color is the darker shade as seen in the live video.
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Luci Weston

Well thanks so much Chris! Yes, I really worked on getting across many of the details that came up in this project. There are always some that show up you aren't expecting when you start a remodeling job. And thanks for the Roomigator suggestions... Every bathroom needs one, if I do say so myself!! ;)

Luci Weston

Oh, great to hear Lynn! I wasn't sure if my "double/quadruple" explanation of the shower curtains with liners was clear. It really does make a difference and it is so much better, and less expensive, than glass doors.

Luci Weston

Thank you Michelle! I know there is a lot of info, so I'm hoping each viewer can use a several, if not all, of the ideas and tips.

Chris K

Excellent video! It's a great guide for my next bathroom remodeling project down to the smallest detail- I'll be sure to include a bottle of the Roomigator Spray to keep the bathroom smelling as fresh as it looks!
Chris K


Wow! That bathroom remodel was really awesome! What a beautiful job! Great hints. I love the double shower curtain idea!

Michelle F.

Loved watching this video. I'm now armed with a few ideas that would be attractive and practical for my one bath home. Thank you.

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