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To You With Love, Hearts, and Sweetness, From Luci at Here We Are

February quote-2 with daisyAhhh, February, the traditional month of flowers, hearts, chocolate, and all things love. There are those who like Valentine's Day and all that it brings in the form of sentiment, images, and feelings, and others who see it as a commercial vehicle to sell roses and cards. I'm somewhere in the middle, but what I do like is the spotlight it puts on moments that make life sweet.

On Here We Are, there have been many articles, videos, and podcasts that lend themselves to doing just that at this time of year and beyond. Since I'm feeling especially sentimental lately, I thought bringing you a collected bunch of my blog babies may make your February better, brighter, and easier


If your heart is in the kitchen, then try my Peppermint Patties recipe for a sweet treat. And for the chocolate lover, don't be afraid to whip up Chocolate Pots de Créme, it's easier than you think and very satisfying. 

Want to create gifts with the kids? Then explore Valentine craft ideas, an oldie but a goodie from The Mom Squad category, served up without the sugar rush. 

Speaking of sugar... If entertaining is in your future, then get yourself a heart-shaped candy mold and read the HWA article on how to make Sugar Shapes for a sweet and easy presentation. You can also watch me make them in this DIY One By One video, How To Make Sugar Shapes. They really are fun to do!

If love is in the air and on your calendar, then start off on the right foot with Dating Tips: The "Don't" Rules of a First Date and hopefully, there will be a second date. Then IF it's on to the wedding, you might want to implement 6 Easy & Practical Tips For Planning A Wonderful Wedding. And don't forget to be a gracious hostess at the wedding by providing a well-stocked, courtesy Wedding Basket in the restrooms for your guests' convenience. 

In the mood for a romantic movie? Not sure where to start from all the current selections, my Chick Flick Chat review of Midnight In Paris podcast may help you decide. If you haven't seen this film, it is a dreamy, wonderful, time-bending story with amazing views of the city of lights. Like a more straight-forward plot? Then listen to the Chick Flick Chat podcast, Valentine's Day - The Movie. While the story is a bit predictable, it offers a great ensemble cast of actors.

If you are spending some money on flowers, be sure to read The Color Of Roses, and the follow-up article, The Meaning of Flowers. Everyone likes to get a pretty bouquet at any time of the year, and it doesn't have to be pricey roses. Remember, it's the thought - not the cost - that counts. 

And last but most important, YOU! My February message is To You With Love, Hearts, and Sweetness, for you to love yourself first, and best!! If you don't believe me, then read the quote from Lucille Ball in Takin' Care of Business, And That Business is YOU for more on this message and some HWA content links to get you going. You can also check out the growing list of articles in my Live Your Life Out Loud series, read them in any order, and listen to the podcasts regarding this topic. Do it for yourself, and share it with a friend who might need a little boost at this time of year. 

Finally, I'm always here to read your emails and comments. Connect with me here or on social media. Let me know your thoughts, and what you've tried from HWA, and any suggestions. Thank you for joining me... Here We Are on a journey called life, we might as well live it well. ~ 💗 Luci



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