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New Year, New Word, Next Journey

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Part 27 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud

I hope you had a bubbly New Year's celebration to welcome 2018...

We all know - at least for most of us - that New Year resolutions are short-lived. I wrote on this years ago in the HWA article Resolution Schmezalution offering ways to question yourself on what you want.

Once we know what we want, we all need something to guide, motivate, and inspire us as the next year in our journey called life begins again. At the very least, a simple reminder to help us stay on track of our goals is a plus. So what's a person with hopes, dreams, and ambitions to do?

I suggest the "pick a word" or two, or three idea! Pick a word that represents what you need or want to change that will inspire you. One that will speak to you not just on those tough days but every day. (Readers: I have done this for the last 2 years, and I can vouch that it works.)

Choose a word that sums up your action plan for the place you are at right now in life. It could be any word like, "Healing," "Health," "Love," "Relocation," "Education," "Consistency," "Focus," "Travel," etc. Only you know what you want to bring into your life this year. The most important criteria is that the word puts you in alignment with your actions.

Once you select your word(s), write it down, and tape it up where you will see it regularly. This is a free and effective way to make your new year better, brighter, and easier, as you work toward your dreams, whatever they may be. ~ Luci 

P.S. Let us know your word in the comments below. Sharing lends itself to accountability. Good luck, look at the word every day, and keep at it!


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Luci Weston

Good one, Michelle F.! Mine is "Prioritize" and all its forms, "priority, prioritization, etc." - It's helping me through each day more focused. Hope yours does what you need it to do :)

Luci Weston

Thanks! It works... really it does. Last year I used three, this year one, and it's already producing results.

Michelle F.

Mindfulness is my word!


Love this idea!!!!!

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