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15 Ways To Manage Your Time Wisely (Infographic)

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Hello Here We Are readers, we are two weeks into the new year, and I bet you are already swamped with to-do lists, a full work-load, appointments, and the daily grind of this fast-paced life. Time management is simply a series of well-honed skills that when applied consistently will help us approach tasks in a prioritized, organized, and efficient way. The following infographic offers 15 easy ways to do exactly that every day!

And while all of them may or may not work for you at first, start by testing out a few. Even trying two or three of the suggestions and techniques will definitely help you get a better, brighter, easier grip on your time. This handy infographic is shared with the HWA readers courtesy of Jack Milgram (see bio below). Thank you, Jack!

Comment below on which of these tips you need to employ, or share which ones work best for you. I hope this helps you start and end your day feeling refreshed and productive! ~ Luci

Infographic by Jack Milgram 15 Awesome Techniques for Efficient Time-Management

Jack Milgram is a writer at He started his freelance career when he was a student. Jack has been interested in writing since he first took pen and paper in his hands. And he never stopped writing ever after. He loves combining his job with traveling around the world.


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Luci Weston

HI Melani. Thanks for pinning this infographic... Hope it helps others. I like the idea of batching similar tasks, I've been doing this and it has made me day more productive. I get through my calls, or emails that need to be returned in a much more timely fashion. As to delegating, I'm doing it in small chunks with very specific assignments and so far, it is working well! Thanks for commenting!

Melani Lukito

I have difficulty to delegate the tasks. But I aware that is an essential principle to manage the time. I will learn how to that effectively. Pinned on "Self Improvement"

Luci Weston

Thanks for sharing, Michelle F. I totally agree on #10... Hard to do but worth the effort. I already do a number of these tips, but I am adding #5 to my routine pronto! I track my big progress, but not the smaller tasks. I like the idea of this, I think it will keep me motivated to do those small but important items and appreciate the effort put in more because I'm also observing the results.

Michelle F.

I love this and am sure many of your readers will benefit from it. My favs are items 7 (To-Do Lists), 10 (Learning to Say "No") and 12 (Time Boxing). These are things I've been trying to implement for years, and I'm getting better at it with time. May this awesome list bring all your readers and improved quality of life in 2018!

Luci Weston

You are welcome. Jack's ideas are terrific ways to get a hold of one's day. Enjoy and hope it brings you more productivity!

Kathy Steinemann

Thanks, Luci. As a busy writer, I'm always happy to find more ways to manage my time.

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