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Wash Cashmere, Cozy Winter Wear - Keeping It Clean and Convenient!

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Here We Are entering another winter season and that means, for most of us at least, woolen sweaters, scarves, mittens, and hats, not to mention some socks, robes, pajamas, pillow covers, and throws... That sure is a lot of wool! And if any of your items are cashmere or cashmere blends, you know the cleaning instruction tag typically reads, "Dry Clean ONLY." While it is warm and enjoyable to wear cashmere, it is not fun or convenient to spend money and time at the dry cleaner (not to mention the chemicals they use that we breathe and can transfer onto the skin - Baaaaah Humbug). 

🐐This winter, use my better, brighter, easier process to take care of your winter wardrobe and accessories. Believe me when I say You Can Dare To Wash Cashmere... In The Washing Machine.🐐

I've been doing it successfully for years as described in the above linked 2009 how-to article; it was one of my first blog posts and it continues to be one of HWA's most searched.

Obviously, people want an alternative to the traditional dry cleaning process. So I have taken this article out of the closet, dusted it off, updated the content, and I am now re-sharing it to remind you HOW TO wash cashmere at home.

Following the 10 easy steps - and using the suggested products which can be found on my Amazon Influencer page for your convenience - will get you on your way to keeping some money in your pocket, wearing clean cashmere whenever you want, and staying cozy all winter long!

Happy Washing! Here's to a snuggly, warm winter! ~ Luci



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Luci Weston

Oh good! I just washed a scarf this morning. So easy to do it yourself. Stay warm!!

Michelle F.

Thanks you for this reminder. It has already come in handy! Happy winter!!

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