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It's Never TOO Late

Christmas tree

"It's Never Too Late" seems like an odd title for a holiday post, but as we close out yet another year, it is a good time to think on all the things we still want to do in life. As we know, each day is a gift, and when one suffers the loss of a loved contemporary - no matter their chronological age - their passing is also a gift of the reminder to live fully and happily.

In the last month, I saw the following quote on at least five different occasions as I went along on this journey we call life. That, to me, is a message in and of itself... And you know how I like to share with you.

So here it is, along with my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season, and a very happy and healthy 2018. May the New Year be fulfilling for you - delivering the most adventurous and exciting experiences - as you explore those hopes and dreams that you put on the shelf (next to the Elf)... Remember, it's never TOO late. ~ Luci

For What It's Worth:

It's Never Too Late To Be Whoever You Want To Be.

I Hope You Live A Life You're Proud Of,

And If You Find That You're Not, 

I Hope You Have The Strength To Start Over. 

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald



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Luci Weston

Thanks, I found this tree on my journeys! It's was a beauty!!!


Hey Luci,
Love the picture, love the quote!

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