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Make Your Holiday Season Better, Brighter, and Easier with These "Here We Are" Tips, Recipes, and How-To's

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Hello Here We Are readers, listeners, and video watchers... Oh my gosh, another year has gone by and we are back to the holiday season. I've gotten a number of emails about preparing for the holidays, and I took a look at what people are recently searching and finding on HWA... Thought I'd combine those topics and put them all together to help make your holidays Better, Brighter, and Easier!  

This is not an exhaustive list but I think it's one that everyone can find something new to try or do again. Let's get started by setting the table because Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! 

Working from the top down, if you are thinking of getting a new chandelier, read Chandelier Lighting, Bright Light, Right Light so you can measure the correct size for your dining room, and then hang it at the optimum level over the table.

So now that the lights are sparkling, it may be time for a new tablecloth... Save yourself some money and DIY, Dress The Table With an EASY to Make NO-SEW Tablecloth. You can create any vision for your dinner party table using this technique. I am not a sewer, if I can do this, anyone can!

Use this extensive Table Setting Chart Fit For A Queen to set your china upon your newly made tablecloth. It shows a lot more dining pieces than most of us will ever need (or have dish service for), but it is a good guide to follow when setting your table. Who can remember what spoon goes where?

Polish any silver using Cape Cod Metal Polishing Clothes, I think it's the least offensive product of this kind when it comes to doing this tedious task. Do yourself a favor and pull out the crystal stemware early to get it ready by using these tips for Sparkling Stemware. Plan ahead, no one wants to do this chore the day you are also cooking.

Fill those sparkling glasses with your favorite blend of Spa Water. AHA! I fooled you! You thought I was going to say, "Wine." Well you were almost right, now I'm going to say, "Corkscrew!" ... Get yours out, line up the wine, and be ready to uncork the red, white, and rosé bottles after watching my One By One video on How To Open A Wine Bottle The Quick & EASY Way.

Next, plan to keep your guests busy nibbling before dinner, drinks in hand, by putting out the best Fruit and Cheese Party Platter ever (this was my grandmother's trick and it is soooo EASY to make, plus, it looks great while buying you time to do other things - brilliant!).

It is the season, so think red, as in Cranberry Sauce, my tried and true go-to recipe every year; this recipe never lets me down. Extra cranberries? Whip up some Cranberry Butter, a sweet treat for after the holiday weekend. And if you are at all curious, or want a better way to Seed A Pomegranate, then watch my video for an easy, cleaner way to do this otherwise messy task. The seeds are perfect on salad or dessert, and worth the few minutes it takes to extract them. 

And if you are not hosting, but want to bring something impressive and very tasty? Then learn How To Make and Bake NO KNEAD Bread. Who doesn't like homemade bread? Watch for my hostess idea at the end of this video... 2 ideas, one loaf of bread! ("Bird" didn't work here. Okay, besides not being a sewer, I'm also not a comedienne! But give a girl a nod for trying to make you laugh ;))

Tired of pie? Then consider making good use of all the different apples that are in season and bake up an EASY Apple Tart Recipe. You can choose the correct apple by taking my handy Shopping List of The Best Baking Apples to the store. Hey, I think it's time to make this tart again, I forget about my own recipe!

There is a lot more info to be found on HWA, but I hope this list will get you going. And now we must discuss YOU, YOU, and YOU... And ALL YOU DO during the holiday season. Here is my suggestion, listen to the podcast Loving Yourself, Pt. 3: HO HO HO, NO NO NO... Holiday Time Management Tips. Give yourself the gift of the 30 minutes to listen, you will come away with at least one useful tip, if not more, I promise!

Did you miss Part 1 or 2 of the "Loving Yourself" podcast series? These podcasts are also very helpful for busy women who have a lot on their plate during the holidays OR any time of the year. You can find the articles with podcast player under the Women's Inspiration/Live Your Life Out Loud category, along with other articles to support you on your journey called life.

And in the end, every thing, person, meal, experience, is made better with accompanying Gratitude: A Word That Makes The World Go 'Round. Thank you, dear HWA friends, family, and followers, please know that every word I write, speak, and tape I share with you with a heart filled with gratitude. ~ Luci


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Luci Weston

Hi Lynn! Oh, absolutely... Can't believe it was time to consider doing a holiday compilation post. Feels like I was just writing last years "gratitude" post.


Hey Luci,
Thanks for all the great reminders. The holidays will be here before we know it!

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