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Set Intentions (TwoWords #24)

Set Intentions, Two Words, apples in a basket

As the new autumn season falls into our lives with promises of sweet apple pie, spooky pumpkins, cozy sweaters, and crisp cool breezes, it's time to reset our focus. Everyone is busy checking off one list after another, but being busy should not be an excuse to miss out on wonderful autumnal experiences.

That pesky "to-do" list, if not well managed, is the proverbial bad apple that spoils the whole barrel of fun you want and NEED to have. When that happens our energy is sapped, and the next day feels like the one before it. You can avoid this by making sure to SET INTENTIONS, these #TwoWords can have a big influence on how much, how often, and how present you are when it comes to enjoying life's fun. 

If you are a regular reader of Here We Are, you'll remember that - in the beginning of summer 2017 - I wrote Summer Fun: What's On Your List?. Unlike the obligatory business, family, household to-do list, this one reflects your personal desires to make yourself happy during this particular time of year. In other words, only write down the fun stuff!

Do NOT include work goals, deadlines, or chores. Do express things you love, like, enjoy, want to try, have dreamed about doing, think would be fun, and desire to discover (or in some cases re-discover). List the big and small pleasures that fill your heart and soul. Take some time this weekend to sit down quietly and write up your list.

Now that the summer has past, I can report back to you that I listed 32 items of which I thoroughly enjoyed 18 summertime, good old-fashioned fun activities {I'll carry over a few non-seasonal items into my "Fall 2017" list}. Some of my initial ideas morphed a bit, and some dates got switched up, a few were nixed due to bad weather, but the gist of the list remained the same... It made me do the things I desired! LESSON: Stick to your list and make time for it (i.e., YOU).

Throughout the summer, I found myself referring to my list again and again, and getting annoyed when I didn't plan for something. What I learned through this process is that it really is just about setting the intention to do 1, 2, 3 items on a particular day and then DOING them. It sounds so simple, but we all know how the day can get away from us, then the weeks slip by, and suddenly summer turns into fall. 

Last time, I put the article under TV, Film, And Pop Culture because it seemed to fit with summer fun... When the livin' is better, brighter, and easier (ok, I couldn't resist that one). This article is going under the category of Health and Wellness because fall is the season that sets the tone for the upcoming holiday rush, winter, flu season, etc. A little fun can put a lot of pressure and stress into perspective. 

Happy Autumn! And remember these #TwoWords as you SET INTENTIONS to make this fall season one you will remember! ~ Luci

P.S. Share one thing from your list in the comments below. You might give someone else a great idea!


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