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Drink Up and Say "AHHHH" To Spa Water At HOME

Spa water

There are those of us who are either water drinkers or not... If you are, spa water will entice you to drink more water, and if you aren't, you'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly sweetened beverages lose their sparkle. Spa water, AKA water infused with fruit, vegetables, and herbs, is a wonderful, refreshing, less than low calorie treat. Once you try it, you will want to experiment with all kinds of combinations.

In the last few years, spa water has made its way from the spa into our kitchens, and as well it should. While it seems so cosmopolitan, it is super easy to make a great tasting pitcher any time of the year. The best thing is that you can't mess it up.

After you find a blend you enjoy, its simplicity makes you think, "Why weren't we drinking this all of our lives?" Anyway, you'll be glad to add this to your "recipe" list. Speaking of recipes, there isn't one and that's the beauty of spa water. It can be a blend of whatever ingredients you like.

Besides the flavor and ease, there are health benefits, too. First and foremost, you will likely drink more water, keeping you hydrated; and water intake helps flush toxins from the body, which is always a good thing. Depending on your ingredient choices, if you use the ever popular cucumber as a mainstay, your skin can benefit from the nutrients in the cucumber; lemons and limes are said to aid in digestion, and fruit can add vitamins into the mix.

The EASY How-To on making the pitcher pictured above: I like to use spring water (or at least filtered water). Peel and slice a cucumber, about a half of a cucumber for a 48 oz. pitcher should be more than enough. Add lime slices and fresh mint leaves (try crushing the mint to release even more flavor). ALTERNATE to Mint: Instead of mint, use fresh BASIL; it lends such a fresh, "green" flavor to the mix. TIP: Go easy with the lime slices until you know how much is enough for you, if you use too much lime the water can take on a bit of a bitter taste which defeats the whole purpose here!

Cover and refrigerate to chill. TIP: Fill an ice cube tray after the blend has melded to make ice that is the same flavor combo so it won't dilute your mixture. 

To Serve: Add ice to a glass, stir the mixture, straining it as you pour, then garnish with a dry wedge of lime (so it doesn't drip all over), and enjoy! TIP: Refill the pitcher with water after pouring glasses to use the same ingredients for a second batch. NOTE: Wash all ingredients well before use, especially if they are not organically grown. 

Here are some other combos you might like to try:

🍉🍈 Watermelon & Honeydew or Cantaloupe

🍋 Lemon & Basil

🍋 Lemon & Lime with Mint or Rosemary 

🍓🥝 Strawberry and/or Blueberry & Kiwi

🍊🍍Orange & Pineapple

🥒 Cucumber & Basil (Similar to the above recipe without the lime)

If you need a little sweetness, you can add a splash of Sprite or 7Up. This gives it a bit of fizz and makes it a mocktail that is still good for you.

The list of blends is endless. Do you have a favorite? Please share in the comments below and give us your "recipe" for Spa Water so we can try something new and say AHHHHHH with every glass of this elixir!

Need a pitcher for your flavorful concoctions? Check these out!

This is the same drinkware and similar striped kitchen towel that you see in the blog post picture:


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Luci Weston

I'm enjoying some spa water as I'm replying to comments! There is something so enjoyable about these easy to make water blends. The added fruit and herbs takes plain old H2O to a whole new level. Glad you like this idea, thanks for commenting!

Michelle F.

Thanks for this tip! It's amazing what a few slices of cucumber can do to some water. I added mint leaves to mine!

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