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Some Summer Words Of Wisdom For Women

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Part 25 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud

I was recently looking at the Here We Are editorial calendar and realized that it's been a while since my last Live Your Life Out Loud article. As I began thinking about the next topic, a piece of paper with the following excerpt from Into The Heart Of Yoga, by Danna Faulds, flew out of my notebook. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, this excerpt is very powerful.


"Trust that it is always appropriate to be fearlessly, outrageously yourself. That is what this life is about - acting without fear and without constant, draining, inner debate. You have so long suppressed aspects of who you are that you may be surprised at the magic, humor, and wisdom that bubbles to the surface. Whoever you are in the moment, express it as fully as you are able, and feel the freedom of that expression." 


As summertime begins again, and life seems renewed and all things possible, perhaps carry a copy of these words to refer to them now and then.

Check out other books by Danna Faulds here. Hope her words and messages flutter into your life just as you need them to, making things better, brighter, and easier for you! ~ Luci



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