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If you are not using Instagram, then please join me there when you are... If you are, please join me there now, I'd like to get to know you better!

Of all the social networks that I regularly participate on, Instagram is the most satisfying AND SOCIAL. At this point in time (and I say that because we all know that as soon as we really like a social network, it seems to change!), it is a wonderful way to connect with people from around the world, get to know them and their interests beyond business, as well as view some really great photography. Note: This article is not a primer on how to use the application, it is best learned by doing. 

The old saying, "Share and share alike" takes on new meaning because there seems to be a lot of genuine engagement on Instagram, whether it's commenting, liking with a heart, or reposting. It's even fun to find new people and topics that interest you on the general stream (which becomes more tailored to your taste the more you interact - obviously, the algorithm has this noodled out and it works to deliver you eye-catching pictures that speak to your taste). I also think there is a lot less "posing" going on than on other networks.

There is an appeal to the stream of photos you get each day, and for us foodies, there is nothing better than seeing other people's delicious creations. I've found recipes I'll definitely try, and some that I'll leave to the actual trained chefs - but we can all dream of creating that perfect dish! For me, I love to share closeup photos of flowers, some of my recipes, a mix of my personal life, inspirational quotes, moment in time pictures, all sprinkled together with a few blog related posts.

Additionally, if you want to find anything, it's a terrific mini-search engine. The use of Hashtags are helpful to discover whatever it is you are looking for. They also serve to help you and your posts be found so use #'s creatively but with appropriate associations to what you are posting. They can also be used as an identifier like #BetterBrighterEasier (one that I use when posting Here We Are related pictures). 

Pink gerber daisy

And while I like the beautiful visuals you see on Pinterest, I do find the interaction and reciprocity on Instagram more robust. People comment much more on mine and others' posts vs. the other social networks. Again, this is my experience I'm sharing (no pun intended).

Also, since you are seeing one picture at a time - as you scroll on your phone within the app - you get to know the person because most of the photos are originating from their personal and professional activities. On other sites, much of it can be something they found on the web to share with their followers.

No matter what social network you are active on... In today's online world, sharing is one form of currency, if you like something someone is doing, or see them working hard, share, follow, and comment to support their efforts. Reciprocity is a simple way to pay it forward. Plus, it is pleasing when the interaction is genuine and especially, positive (unfortunately, there are trolls on Instagram, too).

There is a distinction with a definite difference happening here... Check it out and you'll see what I mean. Let me know your thoughts on this social network. Happy finding, following, and friending!

Here are my other online "addresses" where you can find me, let me know you found me through this article and I'll follow you back!

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