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Gotta Go Get Your Gotta Glow Lip Tint for Spring and Summer

A Product Review by Here We Are

E.L.F. Perfect pink Gotta Glow  lip tint

Every thing is prettier in pink! Maybe yes, maybe no, but a smile is certainly revved up by a little extra color. Whether you like a heavy lipstick or very little to no color at all, this e.l.f. Gotta Glow Lip Tint has you covered. Don't be fooled by the light color pink in the tube, the color goes from this light pink shade you see above to a "perfect for you" shade that should complement your skin tone. It's resulting color changes (I think from your body heat) and is personal to you when the lip tint is applied to your lips. 

They are now offering this product in two other color options, Perfect Berry, and Perfect Peach. I have not tested those yet, but if I do, I will update this article with a further review. For now, I really like this product in the Perfect Pink shade! It's very hydrating on the lips, and the shade warms up to a rosy tone on me that is just enough color when I want very natural looking coverage. Since I'm pale, if I am makeup free, a heavier lipstick looks too stark, so this is an excellent alternative to lend a pop of color.

It's consistency is so light that you will forget you are wearing it until you see yourself in the mirror... While it looks like a lipstick, it really is more of a balm that serves up a pretty color. Bonus: Your lips will feel very moisturized but not waxy.

Since the company does not state an active sunscreen in the ingredient list, you can apply the tint, and then put a clear sunscreen balm over it for protection (I like the Sunscreen Lip Balm with SPF 30 by SunBum). TIP: If you apply the lip tint, let it dry down for a few minutes, then apply an SPF balm over it, it will not degrade the color.  

There are other brands on the market that do this "mood ring" type of change on your lips, but they are much more expensive than e.l.f.'s $6.00 price point. This seems a reasonable amount of money to try something that will have a different result for each person. 

The spring is upon us, and summer is on its way; it's time to spruce up your wardrobe, and clean up your makeup collection for the new season. It's always fun to treat yourself to a new lip color, especially one that is unique to you!

Let me know if you try this product, and which of the shades you selected. I love lipstick, and if you do, too, I think you will be happy with this glowing lip tint in your bag and on your lips!

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