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How To Make Hard Cooked Eggs In A Rice Cooker Using The Steamer Basket: Eggcellent! (Video)

Luci Weston on set of Cuisinart Rice Cooker demo

I love, love, love my Cuisinart Rice Cooker... I've written about the other ways I use this handy, kitchen gadget in the Here We Are article, The Rice Cooker: A Better Way To Cook Brown Rice, Couscous, And Oatmeal In Less Time. This time, I am sharing with you how to hard-cook, or hard-boil, eggs in the steamer basket.

Once you steam your eggs, you won't ever think about boiling them again on a stove top. It's simple, mistake proof, and best of all, there is little to no sulfuric odor emitted in this process. I am suggesting the rice cooker I own but you can use any with a steamer basket (see ads below if you'd like to pick up a similar one; you will see the 4 quart model demonstrated in the video). 

As I say in this One By One video, add about 2 cups of tap water to the well, put your eggs in the basket (ha! yes, I did say it ;)), and switch the rice cooker to high. Set the timer for 30 minutes, take them off the heat at 30 minutes, and put the eggs into a bowl of ice water. TIP: Give each egg a quick hit with the back of a spoon BEFORE they go into the cold water. This helps make peeling the eggs a cinch. 

I like to leave the cooked eggs in the water to fully cool, approximately 30 minutes or so, then put them right into the fridge. Safety TIP: Hard-cooked/boiled eggs should be kept in the refrigerator and can last that way for up to a week (I make a note and use them by the fourth or fifth day just to be safe). Plus, never leave them out at room temperature for more than 2 hours (again, less time out of the fridge is better).

If you are like me, and like to try and use kitchen gadgets, watch these One By One videos of other handy kitchen items I've demonstrated: 

If you are interested in shopping for products similar or the same that Luci uses in her videos, writes about, and/or reviews on the blog, you will find many gathered in one spot for your convenience on her Amazon products page. (While Luci is an Amazon Affiliate, and an Amazon Influencer, shopping these links won't cost you a penny more, but it helps to keep the Better, Brighter, Easier How-To's, Tips, and Info coming to you for free. Thank you!) 


 Do you use your rice cooker in a different way? Let us know how. Also, what's your favorite kitchen gadget? Mine changes each time I discover a new one! ~ Luci

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