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How To Test Yeast BEFORE You Bake (Video)

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So you are in the mood to do a little baking, and you come upon a strip of dry yeast packets in your cabinet... Not sure if they are any good? Use my quick tip to test the potency BEFORE you begin the process of baking bread or whatever other warm and toasty goodies you have in mind. Save yourself energy by doing this prior to mixing up your project.

Stay tuned throughout this One By One video because I get a surprise after I thought the yeast was too old to use and no longer active... Proving once again that patience is a virtue, and worth the wait!! ;)

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So to be clear, test your dry yeast by mixing 1 cup of warm tap water with 1 tablespoon of yeast, then add 1 teaspoon of sugar and stir. After mixing together, watch to see if it bubbles and grows. If it does, it is active, but if it stays flat, throw it out and head to the supermarket for a fresh package.




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 Have fun baking and let me know what you are making! ~ Luci



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Luci Weston

Thank you, Michelle! I am so glad this is helpful for you. At first, I really thought what I had was too old BUT after a bit of time the surprise saved me from a trip to the supermarket. It's simple to do, and worth the testing time so the bread baking is a success.

Michelle F.

I'm guilty of having yeast packets in my pantry and with no knowledge of how long they have been there. I'm also guilty of spontaneously making a loaf of "No Knead" bread and on more than one occasion have run out to the supermarket to pick up some yeast. Knowing I can now possibly save myself the trip is awesome. Thank you for another helpful "One by One". Love these!

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