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Loving Yourself, Pt 3: Ho Ho Ho, No No No... Holiday Time Management Tips (Podcast)

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Part 24 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud

It's that time again when time flies by, to-do lists grow longer, and the holiday rush can make us spin. Don't let this be the way you spend your holiday season this year. This Here We Are Loving Yourself podcast helps you find ways to say Ho Ho Ho NO NO NO, but politely, of course!

During this show, I discuss many tips to pave the way for a smooth process of managing all that you want and need to do without exhausting yourself... What to say, AND what NOT to say; practical how-to's with tasks we all encounter; ways to prioritize and set your own time boundaries; and maximizing the NOW that is your life.

Listen today to enjoy the rest of the month, but also know that these tips and hints will carry you throughout the year! I hope sharing my personal methods will be a gift to you. 

If you missed the first two podcasts in the Loving Yourself series, make some time (no pun intended) to catch them while your are driving or at the gym - click here for the Here We Are podcast link in iTunes - I believe you will be glad you did. (And please subscribe, give me a review, or click the stars for a fast rating, thanks!)

Or you can check them out here:

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Thank you listeners for all the downloads of all the HWA podcasts, especially the Loving Yourself series. It is very exciting to know that I am connecting with you to help make your journey better, brighter, and easier. ~ Luci


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Luci Weston

You are so welcome... I've been using all the tips and processes I shared in this podcast and they really do work. Happy New Year!!

Michelle F.

Thank you for reminding me to keep myself in check this holiday season. Time is such a precious commodity!

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