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Holiday Help, Hints, and Hugs (Two Word Tuesday #21)

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This is a very simple #TwoWordTuesday that I hope will serve as a heartfelt reminder through the end of the year and beyond. Your financial status does not matter when you have generosity of good intentions, hope, and a helping hand, AND we can all GIVE HUGS as if we won the lottery.

I'm not suggesting that you force your holiday cheer on people, but those with whom you are comfortable might appreciate the connection you make with a hug. Since we never really know what is going on in other people's lives, even when they say things "are fine," a hug can remind someone that they are not alone. The bonus of truly sharing a hug is that you can't just GIVE HUGS and run off... Giving a hug makes you slow down, smile, and share a special moment with another person. That is a gift of warmth, caring, and time. 

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with hugs, health, and happiness. ~ Luci

Here are a few better, brighter, easier articles, videos, and podcasts filled with helpful hints and how-to's in the spirit of the season: 

Since Santa has had a lot on his plate this last year, I'll ask again in my letter to Dear Santa... An Open Letter From Me To You for important items to be delivered in the new year .

If you are entertaining - you might be serving a glass or two of bubbly - a bit of extra TLC helps with your Sparkling Stemware: How To Care for Your Crystal. Serving wine? Watch the video How To Open A Wine Bottle The Quick and Easy Way, it's so simple this One By One video will show you how to avoid ever struggling with a cork again.

Do you have cranberries in your freezer since Thanksgiving? Use them up by making Cranberry Butter: Whip Those Extra Cranberries Into A Sweet Butter Spread, it's so tasty!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the holiday hoopla (or anytime of the year), take 30 minutes and listen to Loving Yourself, Pt. 3: Ho Ho Ho, No No No... Holiday Time Management Tips; this show will save you hours now and in the future! 

Speaking of saving time - when you are deciding what to wear for the holidays - remember You Can DARE To Wash Cashmere... In The Washing Machine, which also saves you money at the dry cleaners. 


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