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Who You Gonna' Call?

You_ %22So, what do you think?%22Her_ %22I think that sounds like a completely crazy idea!%22You_ %22Oh, Ok.%22Her_ %22What time are you picking me up?%22I had a difficult time coming up with the title to this article. I thought of things like, "who's your buddy," "your adventure gal," "dial up trouble," and "go-to friend," (which has a whole other meaning than the one I wanted!). Then it hit me, "Who you gonna' call" when that crazy, adventurous, questionable plan comes to mind? It's those times when you know you shouldn't go it alone, but the thought of actually asking somebody to join you seems crazier than the idea.

Over the years, I've written a lot on friendship. Friends come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and depths, some lasting a short while, others a lifetime. Today I'm writing about the female friend in your life who says, "What time are you picking me up?" right after you pitch her your latest scheme. This is a special friend indeed. We all have one, hopefully, two, or three.

I've been blessed with a handful of fun, beautiful, follow-me anywhere friends for whom I'd do the same in a heartbeat (LBW, MF, SPK, LMF, SR, LRW to initial a few). These are those female friends who know your soul and will support you even when what you are doing, going through, or planning, throw both of you into the unchartered waters of life. They drive the car, carry your bag, push you uphill when you are out of steam, and ALSO tell you when you are really losing it.

Today, think about who these women are in your life. Then pick up the phone... "Who you gonna' call?"

~ With love, Luci


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Luci Weston

@Michelle F. Thank you! Hope you made a call or two after reading this article, perhaps meet a friend for a long overdue dinner "catch up on life" evening! Those are always fun.

TU for your comment and being a loyal HWA reader. :)

Michelle F.

Love this article. Made me a little emotional to think of how blessed I am to have some great friends in my life, both old and new. Thank you for the gentle reminder. Well done!

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