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Loving Yourself, Pt. 2: Home Care vs. House Work, A New Approach To An Old Chore (podcast)

Here We Are Talk Show podcast, #BetterBrighterEasier

Part 23 of the Here We Are series: Live Your Life Out Loud 

If you are tired of picking up that mounting stack of papers, putting away the same pair of sneakers, or feeling like you just vacuumed and now you have to do it again, then you need to hear my grandmother's tips and tricks to keeping a clean house.

If housekeeping is taking up to much of your time and energy, then this podcast, Loving Yourself, Part 2: Home Care vs. House Work, A New Approach To An Old Chore, may be just what you need. This is NOT about how to scrub the bathroom BUT it is about how to mentally approach housework so that it becomes "home care" of your surroundings and your self!

Don't miss this episode of the Loving Yourself series, you and your house will be glad you did. And thank you Grandma for the ideas and inspiration! ~ Luci

⭐️Podcast mentions and better, brighter, easier information listed for your convenience...


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♦️Vocabulary is important to this process:

➡️"Ill Try" Means Nothing, "Do" Gets It Done


♦️Extras to save you money, and on-line hassles:

📺How To Save $$ By Getting To Every Drop of Beauty Product Stuck In a Tube (video)

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