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Two Word Tuesday #20: Details Matter

Details Matter Two Word Tuesday, red gerber daisy

This Two Word Tuesday is a very simple one, Details Matter. It doesn't mean that every thing has to be perfect or else it isn't worth doing, because we all know that nothing is perfect! There is no magic moment when you are "ready" or optimum circumstance that you've dreamed about, there is only now, with what you have, how much you know, and where you are to get things done. Your business deserves attention to details. Those details come from you, and they represent you. DETAILS MATTER

When details matter to you, it increases the success of your efforts. Remember people's names, make it easy for someone to work with you, respond in a timely fashion (and do respond!), check and double check your work, don't ascribe knowledge to others, be specific, complete the task. While you will fail at some of these once in a while, do your best to keep those slip-ups to a minimum. These suggestions take practice, and practice will not make "perfect," but they will make you better at all you do!


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