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Luci Weston, on set for One By One video series

It's almost impossible these days to shop the beauty aisle and not bring home a product that is packaged in a tube. Everything from shampoo, conditioner, face cream, and self-tanner, to body lotion and scrubs are packaged in tubes. But when you think it's empty, think again! It's amazing how much product can be left in the tube that doesn't squeeze out the regular way.

Products in tubes are great for travel, and easy to use UNTIL the product is almost used up... BUT there is usually a lot more product hiding at the neck of the tube. Many tube caps don't screw off, and if they do, it doesn't mean you are getting all of the product out. Watch as I show you a fast way to get out every drop of beauty product that is stuck in the tube!

Using simple, household staples, this better, brighter, easier tip will save you money by accessing ALL of the product you paid for. 

Thanks for watching this One By One video = About a minute to watch, about a minute to do! Tips, Hints, and How To's for a Better, Brighter, Easier Lifestyle.


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Luci Weston

Me, too... When I started using this tip, I was really surprised at the amount of product that was in the tubes. No matter how much you sneeze and squish the tube, it seems there is always more hiding in them!

Michelle F.

I love this tip! So simple and practical. I hate to waste product. Thank you!

Luci Weston

Oh, good! Thank you for telling me. There is always more in these tubes, I have yet to cut one open and find it empty. Thanks for popping by!


My mom just used this tip and was so happy to find a lot more product in the tube. Great tip!!! Thx, Luci!

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