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Lime Dressing Recipe One By One video shot of Luci Weston

In this One By One video, I show you how to make my EASY Lime Dressing recipe, step by step. You may remember the original article, Lime Salad Dressing: Simple, Tasty, and Versatile. Check it out for the exact ingredients and measurements as described in this video. 

This homemade, delicious dressing can be used to top all types of salads, avocados, salmon, chicken, vegetables, and more. It is also lo-cal, lo-sodium, and lo-carb. You can even make it vegan by switching the honey to agave. Best of all, no preservatives, and it's a healthy choice (listen for the citrate and antioxidant benefits from limes).

NOTE: If you make this dressing prior to serving it, be sure to keep it in the fridge. If you notice it looks a bit cloudy, that is just the cold olive oil tightening up. Leave it out at room temperature for 30 minutes, then thoroughly whisk before use. 

Speaking of limes, when you buy a bag, there are always extra limes that you know you need to use before they get hard and shrivel up. Try this salad dressing recipe next time you bring home a bag, and use up the extra limes with my money-saving list of 10 Easy Ways To Use Limes. You'll never throw away a lime again! 

And if you don't like limes, but love salmon, fire up the grill and make yourself Grilled Salmon: Fast, Healthy, and Easy with Apples & Ginger OR Kiwi & Orange. I get emails about how good this recipe is... Thank you Here We Are readers!


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Let me know if you try any or all of these tasty ideas. I love hearing from you. And thanks for watching the One By One videos. Enjoy! ~ Luci


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