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Pucker Up For Protected Kissable Lips

Product Review by Here We Are

Elf Lip Exfoliator and Elf Lip Balm SPF 15

When it's summer, your lips will be better, brighter, and easier to kiss with a little preparation and protection. How to achieve this in a quick and simple way? Give these two products a try: e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator AND e.l.f. Lip Balm with SPF 15 Sunscreen. (UPDATE on 9/13/17: It looks like e.l.f. is discontinuing the SPF Lip Balm at their site but they are still available on Amazon [see ad below]. The exfoliator is still going strong, they've even added new flavors.) The first gently scrubs off dead skin cells smoothing the way for the second product, a soothing, lightly scented lip balm with just the right amount of color. 

The sun is strong and we often forget that our lips need to be treated the same as the rest of our skin when it comes to applying sunscreen. The e.l.f. lip balm gives a pretty dose of color in the sunshine (where some lipsticks can look heavy in the bright light) and PROTECTS the delicate skin of the lip with a non-cakey sunscreen. Plus, both items are very affordable (see ads below).

I've been testing both products since last summer after I discovered the lip balm. For best results, apply the exfoliator once a week (perhaps schedule it for every Sunday night after you wash your face), then moisturize your lips with coconut oil, and the next day you will notice the difference. For more on the importance of exfoliation, revisit EXHALE Your Way To Beautiful Skin: 6 Steps To More Supple, Sexy Skin.

I carried the lip balm in my bag on the beach in the hot heat, and I can attest to the fact that it did NOT melt or lose its shape in the tube. Of course, it was a bit softer, but when it returned to room temperature it did not become dried out for future usage.

The trick to using this product is a light application, then let it go to work protecting the delicate lip area; reapply if you eat, drink, or swim to keep the protection continuous. It comes in several colors, including "clear" if color isn't your thing (FYI: I did not test the clear).

So get out there, enjoy the warm weather and sunshine, smile and pucker up for kissable, protected lips the whole summer long and beyond... Think sunscreen every day to keep the bad rays away!

BONUS: If you like e.l.f. products, in this video I also recommend their Lotion Wipes to carry in your bag. Check out these HWA videos and articles to keep your lipsticks clean, your lips and body smooth, and shine with a radiant smile! 



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Luci Weston

Thanks for commenting, glad to know you like what I'm recommending. Love the feedback.

These lip items are really good. Plus, they won't break the bank! Which I always think is a bonus when you are trying a new product, just in case you don't like it... But I know you will with these! Enjoy.

Michelle F.

Have tried other e.l.f. products thanks to your recommendations and am excited to add these to the list. Thanks.

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