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Peaches on tree branch

Wherever you live, find an opportunity in your area to go fruit picking this spring, summer, or fall. Whether you pick apples, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, or cherries, it's a fun outing and can be an adventure. Besides getting outdoors, you will be up close and personal with Mother Nature while supporting local farms.

Walking the fields, reaching for the fruit, then hauling it along your path, offers a new perspective on the ease of the supermarket produce section. Plus, it's good exercise and it might inspire you to try that new pie recipe!

Here is a list of tips, and items (see below for products tested & used by me), to consider BEFORE you venture out to the orchard. By adopting a few of them, the experience will be made much easier and keep your peach picking outing from being the pits!

🍑Bring gardening gloves to avoid the thorns/prickers on berry bushes and being bitten by bees

🍑Wear old sneakers or boots because the fields are often muddy

🍑Wear long, lightweight pants instead of shorts

🍑Wear a long sleeved shirt to protect your forearms from the branches

🍑Wear sunglasses and a sun hat, you will be looking up a lot and they help with the glare

🍑Sunscreen is a must on exposed areas, even on a hazy day

🍑Bring your favorite lip balm/block

🍑Do NOT wear perfume or cologne, the bugs will feast on you instead of the fruit

🍑A bottle of water; some farms won't let you bring it out to the fields but have it in a cooler in the car, you may be out there walking around for hours

🍑When you enter the field, if they offer a wagon, TAKE IT! The box they give you to hold the fruit gets heavy very quickly!! (I picked 20 pounds of peaches on my last outing and the wagon was a back-saver.)

🍑Bring a cooler to put your freshly picked fruit in for the drive home. No point in picking it fresh if it's going to get soggy in a hot trunk!

🍑Bring a roll of paper towels and/or handi-wipes for after your adventure, you can't help but get a bit dirty

🍑Pack a clean pair of shoes in case the others are a mess at the end of the day.

Take the time to prepare before you go, and you will enjoy the experience more, with less hassle, bug bites, and scratches. It is a fun family excursion, and a little time spent before you get to the farm can go a long way to a great experience for all. Enjoy! Let me know if you'd add anything to the list. 

BONUS: If the apple orchard is your destination, consider my EASY Apple Tart recipe. It's simple and delicious! I baked it with fresh-picked Macoun apples.  

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Luci Weston

Good to hear, thank you! The cooler is key to keeping the fruit fresh. It really is a fun outing and for some reason everyone is always in a good mood. Enjoy!!

Michelle F.

I get so excited in anticipation of the summer's bounty. Thank you this article. It's been a while since I've got picking. It's definitely going on my "to do" list for the upcoming months.

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