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Wedding Baskets: A Convenient, Complimentary, and Thoughtful Courtesy For Your Guests

Pink candy hearts with love imprintedA bathroom basket full of useful essentials is a simple, but very thoughtful, way to keep your event guests happy during your wedding reception, anniversary party, surprise bash, or any other celebration you have planned. A stocked basket of emergency and personal toiletry products - placed in both the men's and women's rooms - will help your guests look and feel their best during any shindig.

We all know that accidents happen, people forget to bring personal items, and lots of food and drink will require freshening up throughout the party. Having a complimentary selection of goods can add to the experience you have worked so long and hard to plan. 

I recently put together the following courtesy wedding baskets; and I even wrote the poem (okay, I'm no poet but I think it gets to the point!). This was part of my shower gift for my good friends, Lisa and Dave. Not only is it a good gift idea, it also eliminated a task for the bride and groom to do or transport on their big day.

Wedding basket for ladies room
For the ladies' room, I used a wicker basket that is 12 inches wide (see picture above). You can use any shape you like, but I suggest it has handles for easy carrying. The depth should be at least 5" so the walls of the basket support the items. Remember to measure the bathroom countertops is you can ahead of the event; if not, then be conscious of the size so it is sure to fit on the counter.

I placed colorful tissue paper at the bottom and stocked it with the following list of products:

  • Tampons (various brands and sizes)
  • Pantyliners
  • Pepto-Bismol Chewable Tablets
  • Advil
  • Eye Contact Lens Solution
  • Blister Bandages
  • Regular Bandaids
  • Eye-Glass Lens Wipes
  • Witch Hazel Wipes
  • Handi-Wipes
  • Facial Blotting Sheets
  • Body Cooling Refresher Cloths
  • A Lint Roller
  • Shout Clothing Wipes
  • A Sewing Kit with safety pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Elastics
  • Hair Spray
  • Mints (in this case, TicTacs)
  • Dental Floss Slides (these are individual as compared to everyone touching the string type)
  • Mouthwash with Dixie Cups
  • Spray Anti-Perspirant
  • Hand Lotion
  • Small Perfume Samples (Various types)
  • Emory Board

The men's room basket is similar in size and content, with the exception of the feminine hygiene products. For the guys, I added a few men's combs, a small hairspray, a bottle of Tums, and a stronger anti-perspirant.

Wedding basket for men's room

To both baskets, I glued a print out of the following poem to wooden chopsticks. I then tied them with a twisty tie to the back of each basket so it sat upright and visible.

Wedding basket poem

In each bathroom, I also placed tissue boxes and pump hand soap for the counter. You never know when a place runs out! Did I miss anything? The items were definitely used during what was a really fun, beautiful wedding reception.

Personal Note: Thank you to my friend, Michelle, for helping me wrap the baskets with clear floral plastic for easy transport and making sure the set-up was perfect at the venue... And for always being such a good friend.

Thank you to newlyweds Lisa and Dave for including me on their nuptial journey... I thoroughly enjoyed all the wedding planning, shopping, and decision-making discussions we shared. May you have love and happiness your whole lives through!  

BONUS: Planning a wedding? Check out my 6 Easy and Practical Tips For Planning a Wonderful Wedding. We used all of these better, brighter, easier ideas in creating Lisa and Dave's wedding and - I am pleased to say - it went like clockwork! 


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Luci Weston

Thank you Michelle... And good observation. I know I used the hair spray, bandaids, mouthwash, and floss... which seemed to be the most used items by the women.

Hope this article helps other's when making their list for their next party!

Michelle F.

Having been part of the process I have to say these baskets were such a nice addition to the wedding venue. And being there to collect them at the end of the event I bore witness to the fact that the guests (even the men!) appreciated having all these wonderful products available for their use. Well done Luci! You continue to inspire me.

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