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Two Word Tuesday #18: Appreciate Beauty

Appreciate beauty twt-2Busy, busy, busy! We are all "busy" most of the time these days. In an effort to slow down the clock, you can employ techniques like putting your smart phone away, meditating (IF you can fit it in!), and focusing on breathing deeply. All are great and work to create better health and wellness, but sometimes just appreciating the beauty Mother Nature offers will give you a refreshing experience when you least expect it. Look around at all the Spring flowers, from the dandelions in the lawn (remember to make a wish!), colorful gerber daisies in a bouquet, to delicate and fragrant hydrangeas growing along a sidewalk.

Don't just glance... Really make the time to inspect the details, admire the shades of color, touch the texture, take in the scent. I do this regularly, and I often photograph close-up perspectives of flowers that I encounter on my daily travels (as in the picture above). You might be thinking, yeah, yeah, yeah, Luci, I get it, "Stop and smell the roses". Yes, I am suggesting this!

Do #AppreciateBeauty whenever you get the chance. It is an opportunity to relax, regroup, focus, and put into perspective whatever is going on in your life. Plus, it's free, and I'll bet you will come away inspired and grateful you created this moment or two in your day. 

⭐️Here is the original quote from which we refer to smelling the roses:

You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. ~ Walter Hagen 

Extras: Check out Beauty Is All Around Us, you just have to look! AND consider bringing a flower home and putting it in a vase to admire in the morning when you are starting your day; the Power Of A Flower is sure to make you smile.


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Luci Weston

You are welcome! Just saw a bunch of flowers at the salon and took a few pictures of a few gorgeous roses. Reminds me that nothing is better than what nature creates. :)

Michelle F

Thank you for the reminder!

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