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Two Word Tuesday #17: Make Wishes

Make wishesAs we march into a new month, let's focus on personal renewal as Springtime approaches. We are all so busy, that we often forget to recalibrate what we are doing, and more importantly, why. How do we get back to what makes us happy? Simply explore what you wish for. When we wish it is usually for good stuff. And because this is also time for the luck of the Irish to shine down on everyone, the Two Word Tuesday for March is MAKE WISHES

This exercise begins by making a "wish" that can be about anything your heart desires. Bonus: It's free! When I looked up the definition of "wish," its synonyms caught my eye, "...want, hope, covet, dream of, long for, yearn, crave, hunger, lust after..." to list a few. So this month, do just that, use these words to guide you and make wishes. Indulge yourself by making lots of them or perhaps, just one special wish.

Let the wish resonate and be aware of how it makes you feel, does your gut feel excited or anxious? Does it motivate you to action? This is the first step to discovering new fascinations or re-discovering lost desires. Let yourself dream big dreams. Recognize what you want to manifest. Allow your imagination to run wild creating the life you want. And maybe, if you wish hard enough, some luck of the Irish will rub off on you, and you will remember what it is that you want and makes you happy!


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