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Live - Dash - Die

Life is made up of two dates connected by a dash... Make the most of the dash.

Last summer, I took this picture... I don't remember now if it was a sunrise or a sunset. It seems appropriate with the sentiment of the quote, "Life is made up of two dates connected by a dash... Make the most of your dash." 

Over the past few weeks, since my friend unexpectedly passed away (see the article, Choose Carefully What Keeps You Busy), I've been thinking a lot about this quote and what makes up that "dash" between my birth and eventual death. Believe me, this is not an exercise in morbidity, but a suggested exploration as to who, what, where, when, and how you live life.

The hard truth, like the title of this article, is that each of us will expire on some unknown date. It is the amorphous time in-between - the DASH - that matters as we shine each day between the sun cracking the horizon, illuminating our path, to then slip away again. So my challenge to you, dear Here We Are reader, is to consider what has and then create what will make up the remaining part of the "dash" between your own dates. 

If this article or quote moves you, please comment below or share it with someone who could use a boost (or a kick in the pants - life is short!). ~ Luci

P.S. If you'd like to find your inner light to shine your brightest every day, check out Our Deepest Fear: Stepping Into Your Own Power for an amazing quote that will get you started.

And between you and me, since we are focusing on being "between," try this quick and easy way to remember that There Is No "I" In Between.☀️


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