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Choose Carefully What Keeps You "Busy"

I am only as busy as I allow myself to be quote

Dear Here We Are readers, 

Please indulge me with this quick note to remind you to choose carefully what you allow in your life to keep you busy. My quote, "I am only as busy as I allow myself to be," came out of my mouth last Thursday as I was leaving a coffee date with my friends Beth and Suzie to run to yet another appointment. It stuck with me and I jotted it down later that night. As you know, I don't make a habit of quoting myself on HWA, but now I understand the importance of this statement and I feel compelled to share it with you. Perhaps it will make a significant difference in your life.

Last week, I was thinking a lot about my friend of 38 years, Sandra. I owed her an email. In that email, I planned to chat about the Oscars, which dresses were beautiful, and to arrange a get-together after a long time had gone by since our last meeting. Something uncomfortable was poking at me... I had a feeling that she was sick, and I thought, "Hmmm, I'd better reach out... Ok, let me get through my to-do list this week, and I'll email her this coming weekend." Sadly, she suddenly passed away mid-week; she hadn't been sick, it was her time. A surprising and heartbreaking loss for all who knew and loved her.

Instead of having coffee as we planned, we met up again at her burial. I will refrain from sharing my personal sadness here, because I really want and need to make the point about "ALLOWING" yourself to be busy... Let this regrettable twist of fate remind you that being busy is really about choices. Select those to-do items wisely, and don't put off the truly important things... People, love, friends, health, and happiness. 

With Love,


P.S. The blanket in the photo was crocheted by my grandmother, Lucy, a busy woman who always made time for everyone. Her warmth lives on through the many blankets she created for those she loved. I hope she and Sandra meet again on the other side.



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Luci Weston

Thank you Michelle, your sentiment means a lot. I truly hope sharing what happened with my friend will help others prioritize with their hearts.

Michelle F.

I love this! Once again, your timing is impeccable and your wisdom much appreciated. Thank you!

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