Two Word Tuesday #15: Be Patient
Goals = Going Out After Longings!

Two Word Tuesday #16: Like Yourself

Like Yourself Two Word Tuesday

Hello! Happy February!! It's the time of year when hearts and flowers are everywhere you look... It is also a great time to Like Yourself. Hopefully, you already do, but make February the month to question how much, how little, what needs improvement, and how comfortable you are with "you." We all know about loving yourself, but do you "like" yourself?

Here are a few questions to think on... Do you laugh at your own jokes? are you at ease with your own company? do you feel you deserve to pamper yourself? do you speak up for yourself? I could go on, but you get the idea.

We are all busy, and many women are doing, doing, doing for others and sacrificing pieces of themselves with every "doing" task. When you like yourself, you limit how much you are willing to bend to the will of others, you stop postponing your own objectives, you remember your dreams. Liking yourself is being aware of what makes you special. When you like your own traits, habits, ideas, and attitude, you feel at peace in your gut. Cherish those unique parts of you, then share them with those around you. I bet they will like you, too. And if they don't, who cares?! You LIKE YOURSELF, and that is a gift!


You might notice that this article's title is a bit different from the previous 15 #TwoWordTuesday's. This is because weeks are flying by and the messages don't have a chance to properly resonate to make an impact. I've gotten emails to this effect - and I feel it myself - so it is time to switch things up. The new approach to Two Word Tuesday is to remind ourselves throughout the month, so that the message has a better, brighter, easier chance to take hold. As we know, all things take practice. 

Two Word Tuesday #7, Eat Better, spoke to most of us. Last week, as I was scrolling through the blog to show my work to a new subscriber, she said, "Oh, 'Eat Better' - that's great, I need a constant reminder to do that." DING! This helped me make the decision to try a monthly Two Word Tuesday. You won't see it as a new post each week on Here We Are, but you will see it on social networking sites that I use to spread the word, so to speak. If you don't already follow me, please take the time to follow me now so you can be in the loop. All networking links are in the sidebar for your convenience. 

If you like this #TwoWordTuesday, feel free to share the picture and use the hashtag. Also, let me know your thoughts, tell me if a Two Word Tuesday quote helps you by emailing me or commenting below... AND you can get the Two Word Tuesday posts delivered to your email (for free), please subscribe to the blog email feed by using the sign-up box in the sidebar. I'd be so happy to have you join me, thank you! ~ Luci



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